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June 12, 2017 2995 Gulfam

enable usb debugging

USB debugging is a method to communicate with the device and computer. After Enabling USB debugging you can directly send data, install applications from your computer. It works as a bridge between the Android device and computer. USB debugging option is hidden because of security purpose. After enabling USB debugging you are the new owner of your Android device.

Need of Enabling USB debugging

There are lots of hidden features are available on Android device that you can use them after enable the USB debugging. USB debugging is for developers who want to test their application in a real environment. So if you want to customize(Install Root, Install custom recovery, install custom ROM) your Android device then the first thing you need to do is enable USB debugging. There are some Android applications which work with Enabling USB debugging.

Steps to follow for Enable the USB debugging

  1. The first step is to go to your mobile setting. Open the main menu and navigate to the setting icon and click on it. usb debugging

  2. Now scroll down to last you will find about option just click on it. usb debugging

  3. Here you need to enable developer mode. To do so just tab build number(software info on some devices) 7 times. You will see a pop up “You are developer Now”. usb debugging

  4. After seeing “You are developer Now” just go back to the setting. Here now you will see a new option appear which is Developer options. usb debugging

  5. Now just click on Developer option and scroll down. You will see USB debugging option just click on it to enable the USB debugging. usb debugging

That’s it Now you are able to Root your Android, Install custom ROM and can do lots of more thing also. Now you are the real owner of your Android device. You can manipulate your Android device from the computer using SDK(Sofware development kit).