Android exclusive applications which are not available on iPhone

April 07, 2018 4767 Shreya coverBest Android-Only Apps You Can't Find on iPhone

Android vs iPhone topic will always keep the masses in competition, in terms of looks, features, and status quo. Although the iPhone comes with an abundance of features along with its price tag, it sure doesn't come with some applications which makes iPhone users envy Android users. This is where Android comes in handy, with power-packed applications that iPhone user could only wish for. Here we list some of these Android exclusive applications, that surely will make your iPhone user friends jealous.


Almost every developer giant ensures that applications are best available on the Google Play store as well the Appstore for Android devices and Apple devices respectively. Android is flexible for its never-ending room for development. One can easily get lost among the depth of thousands of applications ready to be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This customisation-extensive nature loved by millions of Android users is built by its basic applications.

Here are some of the best picks of these Android exclusive applications (both free listed and paid pro applications) ready for you to download:

1. Muzei


We take great interest in how our cellphone looks, it being the extension of ourselves. We buy extravagant looking phone cases, decals, pop-up sockets for it and what not to customize it. Some even go to great lengths to finds the perfect wallpaper to make it look appealing inside-out. It's tempting to try out every second option out there to choose the wallpaper. For those who are confused, or just want to play around, this application serves as a magician. It randomly selects wallpapers, that too with options of live wallpapers and replaces them every now and then.

What's in it for you:

  1. This Android exclusive application will refresh your screen so you are never bored!

  2. Options for live wallpapers

  3. You can also select at what intervals the wallpapers refresh.

  4. The application developers even have their source code open at their website so you can play around to create customizable wallpapers on your own.

Get Muzei muzei strip

2. Dashclock


What does one love about Android applications apart from its basic functionality? - the application widgets that smartly fit the inch-by-inch glance area on the device. Smart widgets make the smartphone smarter. Dashclock does the same for your device and provides you with call alerts, weather, alarms and of course the clock at a glance so you never miss out of your busy schedule. You can select whether content shall be hidden or visible for your e-mail alerts, alarms etc. It's free to download on the Google Play store and works smoothly on Android smartphones and tablets.

What's in it for you:

  1. Easy to use and customize.

  2. Multiple application access for display.

  3. Neat battery and e-mail notifications.

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3. Clipboard Actions

clipboard actions

Many times we just want to go back to our copy-paste history and browse through something we need from the clipboard. The fuzzles of going back and forth to the source to copy from in order to paste it, later on, can be frustrating. This application's unique selling point is that it enables the clipboard revision on the notification bar. The presentation is neatly organised as a list to look into. This makes working convenient and hassle-free with it's one of a kind display. You can re-visit the clipboard as many times as you like, without losing essential information on the current screen. What's good about this is that it doesn't drain your device's battery as other traditional applications built for this purpose. It is free for download from the Google Play Store.

Get Clipboard Actions

What's in it for you:

  1. Easy media sharing.

  2. List organisation is neat and user-friendly.

  3. Quick QR code copy, phone number copy for calling, address copy for navigation.

  4. Quick google search in-built.

  5. Neat integration with the status bar of your device.

clipboard actions strip

4. Weather Timeline - Forecast


Should you be packing the umbrella for the day? next day? or next week? Let this application answer all these questions for you. It serves your weather forecast on a crisp layout for your selected locations. In addition to this, it gives you the liberty to choose from multiple weather information providers. You can view temperatures, precipitation, pressure, and even moon's shape for every changing hour. It is a paid application but all worth the price of eighty-five Rupees, for its exceptional user interface and features. You can also pair it with your wearable devices so you don't have to pick up your Android device to unlock it.

What's in it for you:

  1. Strong emphasis on colour to indicate weather conditions.

  2.  Liberty to choose from various weather information providers.

  3. Timeline customisation.

  4. Extended support for wearable devices. (Android only)

  5. Quick view.

It is available for download from the Google play store here:

Get Weather Timeline Weather timeline strip

5. Circle Sidebar Pro

Circle sidebar pro

Many a time we need to toggle between countless applications while on our Android devices. Looking for a particular open application from numerous other open windows can be stressful, and not to mention some applications force shut down when you leave the window. Then how does one continue to work anytime and anywhere? One easy solution is to use Circle Sidebar Pro.

This is a personalisation application can prove to be quite handy for the reasons we are going to mention. Firstly, you can toggle between all open applications with a single swipe! It holds application backgrounds and is accessible from anywhere (even inside application windows). It floats on your screen and is visible with a swipe for easy access. You can customise sidebars, icon sizes and much more according to your need. It also allows haptic feedback for incoming calls. If you want more, there's a direct request option to contact the developer for the same. The best feature of this application is that it doesn't make your phone lag.

What's in it for you:

  1. Choose what applications to be displayed on the sidebar.

  2. Highly customisable; icon looks, icon sizes, timeouts, you name it.

  3. Add applications easily to your launcher.

  4. Customisable lists.

  5. Haptic feedback.

You can this application for 120 Rupees from the Google Play Store here:

Get Circle Sidebar Pro Circle sidebar pro strip

All these Android exclusive applications are one of a kind and serve unique purposes. They bring the power of extensive customisation directly to your device on your palms. They are highly personalisable, utility-driven and will ensure that you make the best of your Android devices.