10 Best App Lockers For Android To Secure Your Device


All important work of the day happens through the phone be it banking, shopping, calling, writing notes, etc.The smartphone contains a lot of sensitive information which must be protected. It could be your banking information or other sensitive information that you don’t want to share with anyone. So you can protect your personal information by protecting the app that contains sensitive information.

We all have faced situations where we have had to share our phone with someone at some point in time. At that time, we all have wished to lock away sensitive information on our phones. We all have nosy relatives or friends who keep on peeking on our phones in spite of asking them not to.In order to save us from situations like these, I have listed down the 10 best app lockers to secure your device.

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List of 10 Best App Lockers For Android Phones

1. Norton App Lock by Norton Labs

Norton AppLock

Norton App Lock is one of the best app lockers for Android that is efficient and very easy to use. The app takes privacy and security very seriously and therefore provides some of the best features that an app lock application can. Through this app, you can lock more than one app with the same password which makes it very easy-to-use.

Additionally, this app also uses a fingerprint scanner for a hassle-free experience. One of its best features is that this app is ad-free, which is great! Apart from this, it also recommends users about the application that should be locked. Giving the app admin privilege can save it from uninstallation.


  • You can lock more than one app with the same 4-digit PIN code.

  • The app is totally ad-free.

  • Recommends apps that should be locked.

  • Adds a layer of security in case the phone is lost or stolen.

  • The anti-theft feature in the phone takes the photo of the intruder who tries to open your app after 3 unsuccessful attempts.


  • The protection can be bypassed if the intruder is clever.

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2. Smart Applock Pro – Security Vault by Tritons App

Smart App lock pro

Just like its name Smart App Lock is a smart app locker for Android devices. The application is pretty decent to use. One cool feature of this app is that it disguises itself as a lock screen in order to trick intruders. You just have to switch on the app to prevent it from uninstalling.

One important feature is that this app provides security questions and answers for advanced app lock protection. Moreover, this app also takes the photo of the intruder who tries to break in after 3 unsuccessful attempts.


  • Locks incoming and outgoing call screens.

  • It has an invisible pattern lock to trick intruders.

  • Takes selfie photo automatically of the intruder after 3 failed attempts.

  • Has security questions and answers for advance locking.

  • Comes with an app cleaner that cleans junk files.


  • It disconnects itself at times.

  • Lacks fingerprint protection as part of its unlocking feature.

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3. AppLock by DoMobile Lab

AppLOck by DoMobile

AppLock by DoMobile Lab is one of the best app lockers out there. It is very easy to use. One cool feature of this app is it can lock specific images or videos. Additionally, it can also prevent itself from uninstalling. Another feature is that the lock screen comes with some amazing themes. It has a photo and video vault that houses hidden photos and videos.

Apart from this, the app also has a time lock where users can lock the apps for a specific period of time. After that period, the locked apps will unlock automatically.


  • The app has an invisible pattern lock.

  • Has private SNS where users can log in with multiple accounts.

  • It has the feature of hiding its icon.

  • Has the time lock feature that lets the user lock apps for a specific time. The locked apps will unlock automatically after the specific time.

  • Takes a photo of the intruder.

  • Has a power-saving mode.


  • The updated version does not have fingerprint protection.

  • Hiding the AppLock icon is not allowed in Android.

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4. AppLock by Sailinglab: Focus on Security, Booster, Cleaner

best app lockers

The interface of this application makes it very good to look at. The app has multiple lock options like PIN lock, Password Lock, and Fingerprint Lock. In addition to this, it also has a private browser where users can browse privately. Message Security is another feature where chat notifications are hidden from sensitive apps. It can easily encrypt photos and videos as well.


  • Has a safe lock screen where this app saves sensitive apps from intruders.

  • The app has a private browser to browse privately.

  • Provides amazing live themes to make unlocking apps a little bit of fun.

  • Has an intruder selfie that captures the face of the intruder.


  • The advertisements can get a little annoying.

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5. AppLock – Fingerprint by SpSoft

App Lock by Spsoft for android

AppLock by SpSoft is a simple and very easy-to-use Android app that locks the system package installer. The customer service with this app is also very responsive which makes it user-friendly. This app can lock WhatsApp, Facebook, and all Gallery apps from prying intruders. AppLock can also catch intruders by taking their photos after 3 unsuccessful attempts.


  • Has the option of locking the app through a passcode or a pattern or fingerprint.

  • Blocks the locked app’s notifications ad well.

  • Has an auto-lock system where the chosen apps are locked at a specific time of the day.

  • Can lock the whole phone with its home screen lock feature.

  • You can set different passwords for different apps which strengthens security.


  • Shows a number of pop-up ads on its lock screen.

  • Clicking the ‘hide app’ option can make the app icon disappear and hard to find.

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6. AppLock Pro – App Lock for Apps with Finger Print by Eywin Apps

applock pro for android

AppLock Pro is one of the apps that give the main importance to privacy. Through this app lock, users can lock their chosen apps by using passwords or fingerprints. One cool feature of this app is that when intruders try to open it, the app shows a fake error message to trick the intruder.

There is also a setting, where you can set the timer to make AppLock inactive for a specific period of time. The KnockCode Lock feature is one of a kind that is a different and powerful lock system.


  • There are multiple lock types like Fingerprint lock, KnockCode Lock, Pin Lock and Pattern Lock.

  • Has a spy alarm that makes the phone ring loudly if the password is entered incorrectly 5 times.

  • Can set Re-Lock time to make AppLock more active.

  • In case you forget your password, you can set a new password by answering your secret answer.

  • If an intruder tries to enter an app by answering the secret answer, the app takes the photo of the intruder and saves it to the gallery.


  • The app rings the alert alarm after 5 unsuccessful attempts and not 3 unsuccessful attempts.

  • Do not lock settings on the cellphone.

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7. LOCKit – App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock by SuperTools Corporation.

lockit applock for android

The seventh-best app locker on our list is Lockit by SuperTools Corporation. The app has a white and blue graphical interface that makes it look decent. Like most other app-locking applications, this app can lock apps, photos, and videos.

The app also comes with the intruder selfie feature, that takes a photo of the intruder. The notification lock and the notification cleaner feature of the app are really helpful. One of its cool features is that it can block specific contacts and messages from your phone from prying eyes.


  • Blocks incoming calls, installation of apps, and accidental uninstallation of apps.

  • Has the hidden pattern draw path feature that boosts the security of the phone.

  • It has a fake cover feature that disguises the icon of the app so that intruders won’t be able to find the app even if it’s hidden in plain sight.

  • Has a video safe vault that hides private videos.

  • The app comes with an intelligent privacy protection feature that scans your privacy status in real-time.

  • Has the intruder selfie feature.


  • The app contains plenty of ads even when the device is offline.

  • The fingerprint locking system causes little glitches at times.

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8. Perfect AppLock by Morrison Software

perfect app lock

Perfect AppLock by Morrison Software is a free program and available only for Android. It also supports locking for WiFi and Bluetooth. Perfect AppLock lets you lock your application by using a PIN, Password, or even gestures. This app can also lock USB Connections, Settings, and literally any app on your phone. In case intruders try to open the locked apps, this app will show fake messages and pop-up notifications to trick them.


  • Has Watchdog feature that takes the photo of the intruder after 3 failed attempts.

  • You can remotely start the app lock service by SMS command.

  • Can lock home screen, outgoing calls, incoming calls, and app installation/uninstallation.

  • The app also prevents unwanted screen rotation in selected apps.

  • Has screen filter support that effectively manages the brightness of individual apps.


  • The free and paid version has the exact same features. The paid version just doesn’t have advertisements.

  • Needs location access and doesn’t work without permissions.

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9. Apex Launcher – Customize, Secure and Efficient by Android Does Team

apex launcher app locking system

Apex Launcher by Android Does Team is an excellent launcher and comes with one of the best app lockers for Android. It also supports hiding the status bar and the dock if you want to. It also has the amazing feature of customizing the phone interface with its icon packs and amazing themes.

Additionally, it also supports the app lock feature through PIN and Password protection. You can also customize lock timings when the Apex Launcher will lock the app at a specific time. It provides fancy transition effects and is very efficient and easy to use.


  • Includes personalised customisation, app icon pack, cool transition effects, and many more.

  • Can hide elements like the dock or the status bar.

  • Has a drawer app sorting feature where you can sort app by their installation date, title or mostly used.

  • Provides convenient gesture options where you can simply unlock an app by double-tapping, swiping up, etc.

  • This app can be used on phones as well as tablets.


  • Cannot backup current settings.

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10. Ultra AppLock by ABXZ Inc.

ultra app lock

A pretty decent app locking application, Ultra AppLock can lock apps through passwords or fingerprint locks. It also sends break-in alerts in case someone tries to open the locked apps. It also includes a battery saver and cleaner features. One cool feature is that you can change its icon into that of a calculator for ultra protection.


  • It has a disguised look that fakes the unlock screen into an error page.

  • You can change the icon of this app into that of a calculator app to trick peekers.

  • Has the option to make patterns invisible so that people can not see the pattern while you are unlocking the screen.


  • The clean and battery saver feature of this app doesn’t work properly.

  • Has a lot of ads.

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