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It does not matter if you are a professional photographer or not; everyone loves to click pictures. You don’t have to be a professional level photographer or own an expensive camera set for clicking photographs. Yes, you don’t have to buy a costly camera set with all the exotic lenses to click a good picture. You can shine your photo by just connecting with a smartphone—all you have to edit your image with a reliable photography app for android. You need to fix a little bit of exposure, a small color correction, and little use of such tools and spoof your photograph will be ready to be posted online and flaunted just like that. However, with tons of photography apps available, it becomes difficult to choose the best photography apps. We have done the work for you and listed the 10 best photography apps for android and IOS users.

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List of Top 10 Best Photography Apps for Android and iOS

1. Snapspeed

Snapspeed, developed by Google, is one of the most reliable best photography apps for Android and iOS devices. It is free to use, unlike some other Android and IOS photography apps. You get to experience both simple and advanced tools for both beginners and professionals. The agency provides you with dozens of filters and auto enhancement capabilities, which are very powerful and can make your photograph stand out. Snapspeed features support RAW files and other editing stuff like red-eye removal, contrast, and other editing features.



  • It contains 29 tools and features, including healing, brush, structure, HRD.

  • The tool not only opens the JPEG file, but it also supports RAW files.

  • You can even save your looks and try them in your photograph later on with ease.

  • Snapspeed lets us experience precise control tools and selective filter brush.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a mobile app that is quite similar to Adobe photoshop. It is free to use. The interface is efficient for a small touchscreen, mainly when it provides dozens of advanced features. You have to upload the photograph, click a new one, or upload from your Adobe Creative Cloud account and then start editing your photos. Adobe Photoshop Express provides all the editing options, including cropping, blurring, brightness, red-eye borders, etc. From my perspective, the smart choice of filters makes Adobe Photoshop Express one of the best photography apps for IOS and Android. The tool also makes your work more comfortable as it can automatically correct the problems in the photograph.

adobe Photoshop express best photography app


  • The tool features perspective correction which instantly fixes the crooked images as well as correct the camera angles that are distorted.

  • It can remove noise from the image and the final image after removing noise is worth appreciating.

  • You can even add stickers to decorate your photo.

  • It allows quick fix as well as remove blemishes and aids in creating stunning collages.

3. Foodie

As the name suggests, this app is one of the best IOS and Android photography apps for a foodie. You are right if you like to click pictures of your food instead of eating first. Then this is the best and must companion for you. Foodie is similar to Instagram, but it contains 30 unique features, unlike Instagram. The editing options set in the app somewhat revolve around the different cuisine. Moreover, the app helps you picture to look good by enhancing the color.

foodie best photography app


  • Foodie provides you with a smart guide feature that aids in clicking accurate pictures with ease.

  • It comes with 30 professional quality live filters to enhance your image.

  • Foodie supports a time for the perfect moment.

  • It supports the accessible share features, thus allowing share to Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, and VSCO.

4. Prisma Photo editor

Prisma Photo Editor is the best Android and IOS photography apps for turning photos into artistic paintings and abstract drawings. Out of all the photography apps available for turning photos into drawings and paintings, Prisa is the best. Prisma makes photos into artworks using an artificial neural network. Using the app, you will have enough sets of filters for free. Besides, you can pay for more filters collecting up to 300 filters in total. Moreover, when you are done with editing, you can easily share them with their community like Instagram, or you can share it on any other social media. And also, you can save it on your device.

prisma photo editor app


  • Prisma releases a brand new filter every day, as a Daily filter, so the app never goes out of trend.

  • It even features the Prisma community for sharing your creations.

  • You get to enhance the results after applying the filters, thus making your photo look even better.

  • You can apply filters to convert photos into drawings and get access to photo tools like exposure, sharpness, brightness, etc.

5. Adobe lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is the best photography apps for IOS and Android to edit photos like a pro with just quick adjustments. The app provides access to professional editing tools like the desktop version. It is popular among professional photographers as it allows us to edit RAW files and is free too.

adobe lightroom photography app


  • You can clickpictuures using the app.

  • It allows us to retouch the full resolution photos as well as applying filters to them.

  • You get the tap and drag features to fix the errors present in the picture.

  • You can even edit fine details with an advanced picture editor.


VSCO is said to be one of the best all-in-one photography tools. The app not only allows you to edit a photograph, but it also allows you to click it. This is the reason everyone loves to use the VSCO photography app. Moreover, it is available for both IOS as well as android. VSCO provides you with fantastic tips, tricks, and filters to use. The filters blend correctly with the image, thus making it real. Although the app is not for the best, it can help you with various things exceptionally well. To increase your performance, you can buy a subscription worth $19.99 per year.

VSCO best photography apps


  • VSCO allows its users to make a video story.

  • It features a free photo editor as well as an advanced video editor.

  • It provides basic and advanced editing options like contrast, saturation, collage, etc.

  • The app also comes with a Discover feature in which you can easily find people and connect with your friends.

7. Live collage

Live college is one of the best photography apps for collage, making trusted by 100 million downloads. It comes with thousands of layouts and a wide range of styles. You are free to choose the one you like. Moreover, you can also add texts and customize the text according to your taste. The best part about this app is you get all on one plate. You can even edit your photos and make a beautiful college in one app. There is no need to switch to creating a perfect collage.

Live collage


  • You can add stickers, motion stickers, filters, frames, background in no time.

  • The app is easy to use layouts and has a clean design.

  • It allows us to create collage stories.

  • You get tons of filters, fonts, backgrounds to choose from.

  • The final image is of high resolution.

8. Adobe photoshop fix

Adobe photoshop fix stands eighth in our list of the best photography apps. It is exclusively for editing portraits. If you are looking for the best photography app for adding filters, this is not for you. It is designed in a way to remove unwanted portions present on your image. As said earlier, you can edit your portraits like a professional editor. It allows necessary edits such as highlights, shadows, colors, etc. The reason it is preferable is its liquify section. Let’s explain in detail. Whenever you upload a portrait, it can register the subject’s facial features of its own. Thereby allowing you to edit the shape, size, and position to make your image perfect.

adobe Photoshop fix best photography apps


  • You can apply retouch and restore photos using various tools.

  • It features “face aware liquify.”

  • The app allows for editing the pictures as well as adjust the expose and contrast.

  • You can even send your images directly to the desktop version, refine the pictures, and save them as layers and packages as a PSD file.

9. Visage

Visage is a free Android and IOS photography app for editing selfie. The app lets you edit your selfie very quickly. Its primary focus revolves around smoothing the skin, reducing skin shine, whitening teeth, applying eye makeup, etc. the app also allows you to use background and effects to enhance your selfie. Thus making it one of the best photography apps for IOS and Android as well.

visage app


  • The app can enhance all faces present in the selfie.

  • It contains more than 40 excellent artistic features.

  • It allows easy sharing and saving as per your need.

10. Instagram

It’s of no use if you are clicking pictures and not uploading them to Instagram. Instagram is one of the largest social networking apps. Along with being a social network app, it also has essential photo editing tools such as applying filters, effects, texts, stickers, and more. Besides, the app also helps you to connect with people and increase your following. You can showcase your pictures in front of the world

instagram app


  • You can add short videos and edit them as well.

  • The app features Instagram direct, where you can start a conversation with your followers.

  • You can follow and explore a specific community as per your choice.

  • The best part is your creativity broadens by viewing unique creations around the world.

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