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Instagram tricks which you should know - DroidTechKnow

tips-and-tricks Shreya Patoa

Instagram tricks because more followeres and likes come automatically if you use these on a regular basis. Read to find out more !


4G vs 5G Networks: All you need to know - DroidTechKnow

tips-and-tricks Smaridhi

Today, the 4G network is replacing the 3G network and it is expected to be overthrown by 5G in next 2-3 years. Here's everything you need to know about 4G and 5G wireless network.


VPN of 2018 competing to be best of the best - DroidTechKnow

top-things Shreya Patoa

What can we do to protect our data privacy? A VPN is a good selection, as long as we know which one is not harmful, check out our compilation.


Home devices of 2018 which are simply irresistible! - DroidTechKnow

top-things Shreya Patoa

Home devices are new trend setters & seperates the uber-cool techies from the rest of the old-school crowd. Here's a list of these best devices!


Top 5 Android launcher apps (best of 2018) - DroidTechKnow

top-things Shreya Patoa

Android launcher apps that have taken the world in it's charm, are here to refresh your factory origional homescreen settings so that you keep playing.


Search Google drive files from address bar (Omnibox hack)

how-to Shreya Patoa

Search Google drive files from address bar (Omnibox hack) because typing in the browser address bar is too mainstream!


8 Best Money Making Apps For Android And Apple - DroidTechKnow

top-things Samridhi

Ever Thought of making money by using an app on your phone? iPoll, Ebates, SOTG, Shopkicks, Google Opinion Rewards any many more money making apps helps you to earn making money.


Unknown Sources vs. Trusted Sources on Android - Complete Guide

tutorials Samridhi

What are unknown sources? Why they exists? Are they bad? How to safeguard ourselves?Have a look to know all about Unknown sources on android.


Top 5 Youtube Video Downloader for Android - DroidTechKnow

top-things Samridhi

Top 5 and best rated YouTube video downloader - Videoder, Tubemate, Instube, Snaptube, Newpipe. Here's everything you need to know about it !


These languages will help you become a full stack Web Developer

programming Gulfam

A Full Stack Web Developer is someone who is able to work on back-end and front-end side of applications and is a person who knows client-side and server-side languages very well.