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Google Maps Tips and Tricks only Power Users know!

tips-and-tricks Shreya Patoa

Get Google Maps and literally carry information about every possible place on the face of Earth! Discover tricks & tips to make the best use of Google Maps.


Best alarm applications that would actually wake you up in the morning.

top-things Shreya Patoa

Best alarm applications listed for you because hitting snooze isn't how champions start their day. Too lazy to get up? Give these applications a try!


The Best Windows 10 applications to get right now!

top-things Shreya Patoa

Top 10 Windows 10 applications to get you started with your new or old Windows 10 PC. Rely on these applications to make your everyday tasks easier!


Top 10 Google Chrome extensions you need to get right now!

top-things Shreya Patoa

Google Chrome extensions can escalate your browsing experience to whole new level. We list the trendiest of them all so you one up your game, find out how!


Facebook Data Leak- How to check if you are a victim of violation of privacy

news Shreya Patoa

Facebook data leak is creating huge news waves. Unless you have been off the radar, you know it's important. Check if your privacy & data is compromised.


Top 10 Best Free and Open Source Software for your Computer

top-things Shreya Patoa

Top 10 Best Free and Open Source Software for you to download right now, free of any costs of course! Let these applications make your life easier, thank us later


Ola Application - Services other than just Booking Rides!

tutorials Shreya Patoa

Ola application is on everyone's devices commonly. But what if we tell you that you can do a lot more than just booking rides! Read to find out more!


How to Recover deleted files from Android or Hard drive

how-to Shreya Patoa

Recover deleted files from Android using by following these easy methods. We know you value your personal data, thank us later. No Root needed, we promise!


What is ODIN (firmware flashing Software) and How to Use it - All About ODIN tool

tutorials Gulfam

ODIN tool is a Windows-based tool which is developed by Samsung internal team for flashing Stock ROM or Custom recovery image for Samsung Android devices


Learning Applications - Best 10 Educational Apps for Android

top-things Shreya Patoa

In the survival of the fittest, one needs to master their craft top-notch. Bringing you top 10 Learning applications for Android to serve this purpose.