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Air Quality Index Checker by DroidTechKnow

The Air Quality Index Checker is a perfect online tool by DroidTechKnow to help you with accessing the AQI of your city. With just one tap you get to know about the quality of air in your area. This online AQI checker tool gives you detailed data on the air pollutants and not only that, you are also provided with the daily AQI forecast data in the form graphical chart.

Features of the AQI App

Real-time AQI Data

Check the real-time air pollution levels near you.

Explore AQI Levels all over the world

With the help of search features, you can explore the AQI levels of different cities.

Different Pollutants Count

Along with PM2.5 and PM10 pollutants, you can also check the humidity, temperature, SO2, No, and CO levels.

Check Historical Data

You can easily find out the 7 days of historical AQI data within the App.


What is Air Quality Index (AQI) and Why it's Important

The Air Quality Index (AQI) is an index that measures the quality of air in different locations on a daily basis. The AQI is used by the government agencies of different countries to inform the public about the AQI data, make them aware of how good or bad the quality of air in their environment is, and also provide them with measures of precaution.

The rise of air pollution due to the excessive burning of fossil fuels and false treatment of wastes has resulted in the prevalence of hazardous diseases. That's why AQI has become an area of concern nowadays. It helps to take bold steps toward the safety of the environment as well as humans, both at the individual and community levels.

How AQI is Calculated

The Environmental Protection Agency has created 5 major air pollutants criteria on the basis of which AQI is calculated. These pollutants include Ground-level Ozone, Particulate Matter, Carbon Monoxide, Sulphur Dioxide, and Nitrogen Dioxide. There are defined ranges for levels of concern and they are denoted with different colors. However, these ranges and the process of calculating AQI varies from country to country. In India, it's calculated by averaging the data received from sensors.

How to Use Air Quality Index Checker

  • Using AQI near me button: This helps you to find the AQI of your area. So first enable the location of your device and click on AQI near me button and it will load the AQI data of your place.

  • Using Search Bar: If you want to know the AQI of a different location, then just go to the search bar of the Air Quality Index checker tool and enter the name of the place and select the place from dropdown suggestions.

Air Quality Index Scale

The AQI scale is broadly categorized into 6 categories set by US-EPA 2016. These 6 categories defined the health concern that can be caused by air pollutants. For people, each category is depicted by a specific color which makes it very easy to understand the AQI levels. Check the below chart to get more understanding of these 6 AQI categories.

AQI AQI Color AQI Scale Health Warning
0-50 Green Good Air quality is Good with no or little health risk.
51-100 Yellow Moderate Air quality is acceptable; however, some groups of people who are sensitive to some air pollutants will experience moderate health concerns.
101-150 Orange Unhealthy for Sensitive Members of sensitive groups may experience health effects.
151-200 Red Unhealthy  Everyone may experience health concerns including healthy people.
201-300 Purple Very Unhealthy  Health Warning⚠️: This is a sign of a health warning. The entire population might get affected.
300+ Maroon Hazardous  Health Emergency🆘: Everyone may experience some serious health issues so avoid all outdoor activities.

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