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Online Notepad & Text Editor

A free simple online notepad editor that allows you to create, edit notes on the web browser without login. It is a great tool for saving your notes on the browser tab while working. The editor autosaves your changes every second automatically and keeps your data in your browser safely. So if your browser crashes or you close the browser tab, the saved draft will be restored when you open the notepad editor again.

The editor has lots of other features that normal text editors do not provide you like this online notepad editor supports the Grammarly extension. And also we are continuously adding more features and taking feature requests to make the editor more attractive and feature-rich.

How to use Text Editor

It is a very simple editor with a great User Interface. This online notepad editor is suitable for all kinds of people like students, teachers, and working professionals. It will help you to do their work very efficiently. So let understand how this notepad editor will work.

  1. Writing/ Uploading / Pasting: If you don't have anything previous draft content then you can start writing on the notepad and create your drafts. You can also upload the text files or paste the content into our notepad editor and then start working on your draft.

  2. Download file: When your draft is completed and wants to download your file then you can easily download your file into PDF and DOC format.

How Text Editor works

This text editor is written purely in JavaScipt and HTML5 localStorage API to save your data in the browser. Your data will always remain inside your browser until you manually delete the data from localStorage. So your draft will be there even if you come back again in the future.

Notepad Editor Toolbar And Its Features

  1. Autosave: The editor automatically saves all of your changes and stores your data on your browser safely.

  2. Simple User Interface: This online notepad editor comes with just a simple toolbar that is located on the top and the rest of the space is for your work.

  3. Change Background Color: Apply your favorite background color from the list of colors.

  4. Upload Your File: You can easily upload your text file and work on it.

  5. Download File: Download your draft with PDF as well as DOC file by clicking on the download button.

Feature Request Or Report A Bug

For any feature request or bug report, You can easily write to us from our Contact Us Page or directly drop us a mail with the proper subject line.

[email protected]