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IP Location Finder FAQs

What is IP address location Finder or IP lookup tool?

IP location finder tool is used to find the approximated geolocation of an IP address. Along with geolocation, it will also provide you the IP address type, ISP name, time-zone, currency, and, security information, etc.

What is an IP Address?

An IP address(Internet Protocol address) is a unique alphanumeric number that is assigned to your machine to communicate with other machines over the internet. All devices that use the internet must have a unique IP address. An IP address is responsible to track every activity of your machine over the internet.

IP addresses are of two types.

  • IPv4: is used 32bits of memory to create a unique IP address. An example of IPv4 is

  • IPv6: is used 128bits if memory to create a unique IP address. An example of IPv6 is 2401:4900:2305:985c:1:1:7f92:3ea7

What is IP Geolocation?

IP Geolocation is the mapping between the IP address and location of connected devices over the internet.

How does IP Location finder work?

ARIN Whois provides the contact and registration information for every IP resource registered with ARIN and available freely. When an ISP or any organization wants to require a block of IP address then first these IP addresses registered with ARIN and after that, the IP addresses are assigned to ISP.

How accurate is IP Geolocation?

The IP Geolocation accuracy depends on which database are you using. For mapping IP to the country, the accuracy claimed by the vendors is around 98%. For mapping IP to region or city, the accuracy claimed by the vendors is around 70%.

Is IP Address finder can find the Geolocation of IPv6 IP address?

Yes, This tool is able to find the Geolocation of IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses.