Google Play Games Beta: Explore and Play Mobile Games on PC


Android games are fun to play but sometimes it’s the screen size that limits their immersiveness and our zest. But now you happily say goodbye to the constraints of your small mobile screen and discover a new dimension of gaming with Google Play Games Beta. It is a new software introduced by Google that allows you to play your favourite Android games on a PC with mouse and keyboard integration.

As of now, the beta version is available in 100 countries including India. With a constantly expanding library, featuring over 100 games across beta regions, there’s always something new you can explore. In this article, we have made a step-by-step guide to setting up Google Play Games Beta on your PC so that you can elevate your gaming experience and continue your progress on your PC.

How to Install and Play Games on Google Play Games Beta for PC

  1. Open Google Chrome browser on your PC and then go to
    Google Chrome desktop

  2. Next, click on Download beta to download the application for your PC.
    Download Google play games

  3. Now, open the downloaded file from the file manager or go to chrome://downloads/ and open the downloaded application directly.
    open installer

  4. The next step is to install the downloaded Google play beta application in your system. To do so, click on the Install button to start installing Google Play Games.
    start installation

  5. After successful completion, click on Sign in with Google.
    Google play games sign in

  6. You will be then redirected to the web browser. Choose a Google account with which you want to continue to Google Play Games and then click on Sign in.
    sign in

  7. On the Google Play Games app, confirm your profile by clicking on Looks good.
    configure profile

  8. Next, accept the terms and conditions and click on Finish to complete the setup.
    Google play games terms

  9. You can also go to the Explore page and search for the game you want to install.
    search game

  10. Now just select the game and then click on Install. The game will then start downloading.
    download game

  11. Open the game you have downloaded and enjoy. For Game options, you can press the shortcut key Shift+Tab and to enter/exit fullscreen, use the shortcut key Alt+Enter.
    additional game configurations

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