Search Google drive files from address bar (Omnibox hack)

August 31, 2018 4923 Shreya Patoa Search Google drive files from address bar (Omnibox hack)

If you're a person whose work involves working in between multiple tabs, and navigating through open Google drive tabs back and forth, we have a solution to cut down your time!

The rumour is true, a person is judged, after all, by the number of tabs they have open on their browser! Which is why our article is here to save you from the drama.

So as opening multiple times, and let alone type that even for the address bar suggestions to pop-up is time-consuming for a modern day internet browser user. The steps which you need to follow to automate searching from the address bar is as follows:

  1. Navigate to settings of your Google Chrome browser by clicking on the 3 vertical dots on the top right-hand corner. Navigate to settings

  2. Scroll down in the Settings menu, and find Search Engine section. Click on Manage Search Engines. Manage Search Engines

  3. Click on Add under Other search engines section. Other search engines

  4. Now, a dialogue box will open. Here you need to fill out three entries. We will fill the entry as drive in the first two boxes, for simplicity of this search.

    1. Under search engine write drive
    2. Under Keyword type drive
    3. Under 

    copy and paste this link: Now click on Add.

    copy and paste this link

  5. You are ready to go, the powers to conquer your browser are with you now, one step at a time. TIME TO TEST IT OUT!

    1. Open a new tab, and navigate to the address bar.
    2. Type drive and as you hit the spacebar, the Omnibox will automatically convert into a Google drive search engine.
    3. Type the name of the file you wish to search and hit enter, and voila, it will return search results with contents of your Google drive.
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