AI-based Netflix Series and Movies To Binge While On Lockdown

April 03, 2020 3497 Shreya Patoa

AI based Netflix shows

Finding a good movie and series to watch? Check out our list of best AI-based movies and series to watch on Netflix. Netflix has become the go-to resort for everyone on lockdown. Here’s what to watch. Many on this list are web-series as well as films. Promising to be mind-bending, dark and thrilling they leave the audience hooked.

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Love, Death, And Robots

love, death robot

This show is one of the manyAI-based Netflix series which we recommend. It is an animated show that revolves around multiple genres. It is a play-pretend around the past, and the future of robots’ lifestyle. Viewers enjoy the post-apocalyptic storylines the most. This makes the web-series popular amongst related enthusiasts. David Fincher, who is an oscar-nominated director, is also known to contribute to the series. The episodes are approximately 20 minutes long. There are 2 seasons available on Netflix currently.

I Am Mother

i am mother

This is a science-fiction thriller film. The series revolves around a dystopian universe. It has many mind-bending scenes that keep the audience hooked. A robot mother raises a girl in a post-apocalyptic world. The teenage girl is the first to be raised by a robotic mother. This makes the film interesting for the audience. The aim and basic storyline are around how to repopulate human activities on the Earth again. The show has a 90% rotten tomatoes rating. This 2019 film is also well-received by critics so far.

Black Mirror

black mirror - movie

This show is one of the most popular shows on Netflix. The series is popular for its mind-bending science fiction stories. The show displays a new range of emotions and consequences to modern technologies. The possibilities leave the audience wanting to watch another episode. The episodes are on average 45 minutes long. The series portrays high-tech and advanced technologies, that are often twisted. The advances technologies take a toll on human existence- until stated otherwise. The show has an 83% rotten tomatoes rating.

Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon - movie

Altered Carbon falls in the Cyberpunk genre. The show has 2 seasons on air so far. The protagonist is revived after staying 200 plus years on ice. He must solve a murder-mystery in order for complete revival. There are interstellar warriors in this sci-fi realm. The viewer’s liking is however in splits. Some enjoyed the show more than others who can’t wait for a new season. The show has a 76% rotten tomatoes rating.


omniscient - movie

The plot of this Netflix series is pretty simple. Were hundreds of years in the future. Every human is monitored by drones. The protagonist stumbles upon surveillance systems. She then spots a murder that goes unrecorded by the spy-drones. The protagonist now sets a mission to uncover why this happened. This Portuguese series is well-received so far by critics and audiences so far.

Black Orphan

Black Orphan - movie

This Canadian origin series is one of the many popular shows on Netflix. With 93% rotten tomatoes ratings, it is well received by critics and audiences. This is a sci-fi thriller show. The protagonist of the show steals the identity of a girl. In a turn of unfortunate events, she witnesses turmoil. The series progresses with her investigating the wrong-doings. She is ultimately realizing that she’s a clone stuck in a twisting conspiracy.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Black-Mirror-Bandersnatch - movie

The last recommendation on AI-based Netflix shows is Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. It is a film with fairly good ratings and a 72% rotten tomatoes rating. Similar to the Netflix series BlackMirror, it is also a sci-fi thriller. The protagonist is a programmer. He relates a novel and a video game. He gets caught into questioning the reality, only to be left with numerous endings. It is a dark mind-bender and not suited for younger audiences.