10 Best Apple Watch Games To Keep You Entertained


We are living in the era of smartwatches where all the necessary information like messages, location, call logs, emails, etc are slowly shifting from our smartphones to our wrists. Apple’s watches are leading this market of smartwatches with their premium feature-loaded products and their own Apple ecosystem. Apart from seeing time and dates, there are a lot of things that can be done with apple smartwatches ranging from listening to music to calling a friend and sending emails to browsing the internet.

Apple’s watches have their own app store where you can get tons of useful apps and games.You canplay some good graphics games lag-free on such small screens smoothly. Apple’s app store offers you some cool games for your Apple Watch and if you are not sure which game to download, then you’ve landed at the correct place.In this article, we have covered the top 10 best games you can play on Apple Watch and keep yourself free from boredom.

List of 10 Best Apple Watch Games To Keep You Entertained

1. Trivia Crack

trivia crack game

If you like Trivia, then this game is for you. You have to spin a wheel that decides which questions will be asked from six different categories like science, sports, entertainment, etc. and you get a few seconds to pick the correct answer from the options. This is one of the best games for your apple watch that keeps you entertained and mindful. It’s free to install but an in-app purchase is available to get an ad-free version.


  1. Create your own questions

  2. Over 20 game languages

  3. Enhance your knowledge

  4. Play with friends & random players

  5. 6 different categories

  6. Thousands of interesting questions

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chess game

There are end numbers of chess lovers and this game is probably the best option for them. Even with such a big chess board of 64 boxes, this game can be played on your Apple watch. So play with your friends or random online players and improve your tactics.


  1. Free 2-player chess mode

  2. 500,000+ unique chess puzzles

  3. Chess lessons

  4. Ches community

  5. Play against the computer

  6. Play with friends & random players

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3. Snake.io

snake.io game

The memories of playing the Snake game on Nokia in early times still give us nostalgia.Snake.io is a similar game but with improved graphics and more features that you can play on your Apple Watch for free & refresh old memories. It’s an addictive watch game where you start with a small snake and survive to make it bigger.


  1. Smooth lag-free gameplay

  2. Impressive graphics

  3. High precision gameplay

  4. Real-time leaderboards

  5. Internet connection isn’t needed

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4. Arcadia

arcadia game

If you easily get bored from playing the same game then Arcadia can be the door to your constant entertainment. It’s a collection of wide varieties of 22 arcade games Like FastRun, Indiana GP, CandyBall, etc. that you can play on your apple watch. Arcadia is available at $1.99 which will give you an ad-free experience and the key to 22 arcade games.


  1. Ad-Free & no in-app purchase

  2. 22 arcade games at just $1.99

  3. iCloud storage

  4. Color-blind mode

  5. Daily, weekly & all-time leaderboards

  6. Compatible with all Apple Watch models

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5. Pocket Bandit

pocket bandit game

Developed by Seele Games, Pocket Bandit is one of the most creative Apple Watch game where you can become the heist king. It’s a puzzle game where you use the combination of your watch’s digital crownand vibrations to crack the codes & perform successful heists. There are more than 100 treasures to collect. Pocket Bandit has fabulous visuals and is available to install at $0.99.


  1. Interesting concept & controls

  2. Fast, amusing, and deep gameplay

  3. More than 100 treasures to collect

  4. Superb graphics

  5. New contents are on the way

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6. Ping Pong

ping pong game

Ping pong is another great game for your Apple Watch that lets you play local multiplayer between your iPhone and your watch. There are 8 game modes and options to choose the difficulty level. It offers you the theme selector in the customizer, which makes it look great. It is free to install but in-app purchases are available to unlock various features.


  1. First local multiplayer

  2. 8 game modes

  3. Alternative app icons

  4. Intuitive control by turning the Digital Crown

  5. Theme selector in the customizer

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7.Tap To Dash Bird

tap to dash bird game

Tap To Dash Bird is an amusing game with cool graphics. All you have to do is to dash through different obstacles by tapping on your Apple Watch and collect coins. There are lots of characters that can be unlocked using the coins you’ve collected. It’s free to install& has an in-app purchase where you can unlock all the birds & remove ads at just $0.99.


  1. Tap only control

  2. Lots of characters to unlock

  3. Amazing graphics

  4. Challenge the world and your friends

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8. Pictoword

pictoword game

Pictoword is a word guessing game where you observe pictures that combine to create a word. It sounds simple but it’s a tricky and addictive game that tests yourknowledge. Pictoword has different trivia categories from movies, landmarks, and more. Over 300 guessing games are there that you can play solo or with friends.It worksoffline too.It’s free to install with in-app purchases available.


  1. Can be playedoffline

  2. Different difficulty modes

  3. Over 300 guessing games

  4. Play Solo or with Friends

  5. No time limit to solve the puzzle

  6. Pictoword VIP subscription available

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9. Infinity Loop

infinity loop game

Infinity Loop isa puzzle type of game where you connect things to make complicated looping patterns. The main aim of this game is to relieve your mind from stress and make you feel relaxed. The game has an infinite number of levels & you can save your progress as well. It’s free to install with in-app purchases available. So try Infinity Loop on your Apple Watch and let your mind be calm.


  1. Infinite levels

  2. Save your progress

  3. Helps in relieving stress

  4. The original game is 100% free

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10. Brainess

brainess game

Brainess helps to train your brain with 7 different types of brain training games like Dice, Signs, Memory, Equations, etc. It costs you $0.99 and comes in 8 different languages. It’s a good game that keeps your mind entertained and active at the same time. So train your brain and monitor your brain age with Brainess.


  1. Stimulate your brain

  2. Brain test for brain age

  3. 7 brain workout exercises

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