10 Best Night Mode Apps for Android in 2023


People often tend to use their phones during bedtime. Be it reading e-books or streaming media, the excess usage of smartphones in the dark leads to straining of eyes and poor sleep due to harmful blue rays which are emitted from phone screens. If you are a night owl and use your phone at night or in dark, then it’s advisable to use night mode apps. These apps come with blue light filters and a screen dimmer to make your eyes less fatigue and improve your sleep. With various options available it gets difficult to pick one, but don’t worry, we have curated the list of 10 best night-mode apps for Android below.

1. Twilight (By Urbandroid)

 twilight by urbandroid

Twilight filters your sleep disturbing blue light and can adjust to your local sunset and similar time. You can manually set a range to when it gets auto-activated. It comes with an adjustable colour temperature, intensity, and screen dimmer. Apart from that there are many features offered by Twilight like an app-specific profile, translucent navbar, smart notification, home screen and lock screen filter, etc.


  1. Scheduled custom profile

  2. Adjustable transition time

  3. Translucent navigation bar

  4. Smart notification

  5. App-specific profile

  6. Adjustable colour temperature, intensity, screen dimmer

  7. Adapts to your local sunset and sunrise time

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2. Blue Light Filter (By Better Life)

blue light filter app

While using your phone at night, the Blue Light Filter can be your best company that will take care of your eyes and protect them from screen light flux. This app comes with pre-made filters, but you are free to make yours too. It gives you colour and temperature customizing options and can dim the screen below the system minimum. You can buy the pro version of this app to access additional filters and an ad-free user experience.


  1. Temperature customization

  2. Pre-made filters

  3. Colour customization

  4. Dimming of the screen below the system minimum

  5. Create and edit filters

  6. Automatic filter schedule

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3. Night Owl (By Evezzon)

nightowl by evezzon

Night Owl can be the solution to your poor sleep which is caused by the usage of phones in dark. It relieves the strain on the eyes with a screen filter and dimmer. The colour filter has an advanced filtering option with adjustable RGB values. The scheduler can be set either manually or by sunset and sunrise timings. This app allows you to stop the dimming by shaking the phone and has beautiful widgets.


  1. Blue light filter

  2. Screen dimmer

  3. Filter navigation bar

  4. Smart notification

  5. Shake to stop the dimming

  6. Advanced filtering with RGB values

  7. Manual and sunset timing scheduler

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4. Blue Light Filter (By Leap Fitness Group)

night mode app

Blue Light Filter helps you to get proper sleep and reduce your eye strain from blue light emitted from your phone screen. This app offers you different screen filters like nightshift, candlelight, dawn, etc with an intensity bar to adjust it according to your preference and relieve your eyes while reading or using your phone. It also comes with a screen dimmer that can save your phone’s battery and you can set an auto timer for it.


  1. Various blue light filters

  2. Saves battery life

  3. Adjustable filter intensity

  4. Adjustable screen dimmer

  5. Auto timer for screen dimmer

  6. Smart notification bar

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5. sFilter (By Siso Mobile)

sfilter by siso mobile

sFilter is another great night mode app that prevents blue rays, helps you sleep and saves your phone’s battery. It has a simple and easy-to-use UI with a smart status bar. Apart from 18 colour filters, this app gives various customisation options for widgets and can create different types of shortcuts. You can schedule an auto start and stop timing with sFilter.


  1. Smart notification bar

  2. Saves battery

  3. Widget customization

  4. Cuts blue rays and relieves the eyes

  5. Schedule auto start and stop

  6. 18 different coloured filters

  7. Adjustable filter opacity and brightness

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6. Blue Light Filter (By Hardy-infinity)

blue light filter

Protect yourself from eye strain and achieve a good sleep with Blue Light Filter that eliminates the harmful blue rays emitting from your screen. You get an adjustable screen dimmer with various coloured filters and a smart notification bar to control them without opening the app. It automatically adjusts the filters to external light and you can manually schedule it too.


  1. Auto mode

  2. Schedule mode

  3. Various coloured filters

  4. Schedule the start and stop time

  5. Adjustable screen dimmer

  6. One tap Screenshot without filter

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7. Eye Protector (By Courysky)

eye protector by courysky

Make your eyes more comfortable with Eye Protector. It has coloured screen filters and you can choose any colour with which you want to use your phone. One interesting feature of this app this that it allows you to take screenshots by shaking your phone. Adjust your screen brightness and schedule the filters with Eye Protector. You also get a smart notification to the toggle filter.


  1. Adjustable screen dimmer

  2. Custom colour filters

  3. Shake to take a screenshot

  4. Schedule auto-activation

  5. Smart notification bar

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8. Dark Mode (By TarrySoft)

dark mode by tarrysoft

Dark Mode is another considerable night mode app that protects your eyes and improves your sleep. In addition to blue light filters and screen dimmer, you get some amazing phone wallpapers to download from the app itself. You can upgrade to the premium version of Dark Mode to access the filter scheduler and have an ad-free experience.


  1. Free trial of the premium version

  2. Various filter styles

  3. Adjustable filter intensity

  4. Adjustable screen dimmer

  5. Beautiful wallpapers

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9. Nigth screen (By Arrows app)

night screen by arrows app

Night screen is the most simple and minimalistic night mode app that can lower your screen brightness than the system’s default limit and enable the blue light filter to reduce strain in your eyes while you use your phone during bedtime. You also get the smart notification to toggle the blue light filter and screen dimmer. Upgrading to its paid version i.e. Night screen+ gives you the schedule start and stop feature.


  1. Simple and easy to use

  2. One-click widget

  3. Adjustable screen dimmer

  4. Blue light filter

  5. Smart notification

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10. Night Filter (By Digipom)

night filter by digipom

If you’re a night owl, this Night Filter simply does the work of blocking blue rays and improving your sleep. It comes with adjustable opacity and screen brightness. You get full control of RGB to make a custom filter. You can schedule it or activate it by tapping the icon. This app can filter lock screens and notifications as well.


  1. Shows a preview of the filter

  2. Adjustable filter opacity

  3. Schedule start and stop timing

  4. Adjustable screen brightness

  5. Adjustable RGB values

  6. Activate by tapping the icon

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