Is social media affecting our daily lives?


The 21st century has brought a lot of progress into people’s lives. We can now search the web and find practically anything our heart desires. Since the majority of Internet users spend their time online on various websites, social media have become one of the most important modern forms of communication. But why? Let’s take a look.

Online platforms as social contact points

The search for knowledge, content, and information is one of the essential functions of the Internet. Social networks are used as contact points both in the private sector and in companies. Content is usually available online in the form of web blogs and podcasts, while information on a wide variety of topics can also be found in online magazines, webinars, or video tutorials.

Within the framework of social media marketing, there are various online channels that can be used for interactions with Internet surfers and market researchers. Social networks are also very important for companies. As a form of communication, they can not only be used externally but are also suitable for establishing contact between individual departments within the company.

Now that social media marketing has spread around the world, there is talk of increasing reach and improving visibility on the Internet. In fact, the ability to be found in international search engines is only guaranteed by corresponding engagement in social networks.

For a company, social media activities represent an important expansion of corporate communication, since direct contact with individual target groups can be established via social networks.

When it comes to communication between people in general, social media has presented great opportunities. We can now be miles away from the person we love and still be in touch with them. If we need to find information about a certain topic, all that is necessary to do is just to go online and read what we’re curious about. It was only in 1995 that people got access to the commercial Internet. Before this year the only main source was a newspaper.

The importance of social media platforms today

The year 2022 is ending and 2023 is coming. Instagram, Facebook, and Tinder are daily companions for most people. Everyone is online, everyone wants to network and communicate via the Internet. But why?

One of the essential functions of the Internet is the search for adventures that are not present in real life, such as communicating with people we don’t know, watching different tv-shows, and even getting a chance to take a look at how celebrities live and what they do. The selection of information is huge. There are blogs, videos, online magazines, and podcasts that anyone can access with just a few clicks.

For instance, finding contacts of certain professionals, powering up marketing, or driving business growth is possible through Leadar. Finding influencers is easy on Instagram and TikTok.

How social media affects people’s lives

Not everything about social media is positive. Yes, we can reach just anyone, but did you know that there is a huge connection between using social media platforms and the risk of anxiety, depression, and many other mental diseases? And it’s no wonder. Let’s take Instagram, for example. It’s a great social networking service if we want to share pictures, but many of those pictures are just promoting an unhealthy and harmful lifestyle. It especially comes from celebrities who just want to make money. False advertising not only makes us buy products we don’t need but also makes us feel miserable.

For everything that we reveal on social media, we can just as easily receive criticism instead of praise. Users can share their opinion in the comments, which in some cases can be presented in the form of hurtful criticism. Anonymity is also a problem. It’s possible to create a fake account and spread misinformation.

High interaction rates

Many things are discussed on Instagram. Above all, lifestyle topics are the focus of it. Buying Instagram likes can therefore help increase reach.

If we want to buy subscribers and followers for Instagram, we will find various sources on the Internet that deal with it. The acquisition of additional followers is usually associated with increasing the range. For private individuals, social networks offer a variety of information options on every conceivable topic. We also have the opportunity to present ourselves and exchange ideas with other users, whether they are known or unknown.

Or, if we want to play fair, instead of buying followers we can make content that would be of good quality.

Social media: the future?

Social networks are used daily as information platforms. In recent years, new platforms have emerged while new features have been added to existing online channels.

As improvements are made, additional opportunities to integrate social media into the marketing portfolio emerge. Therefore, this digital world will probably continue to grow in the future. This creates new and important opportunities not only for companies but also for private individuals to network with the world.

What are the benefits of social networks when having a business?

The numbers speak for themselves. Currently, there are more than 3 billion people who use social networks around the world, and, according to various studies, users are more likely to follow brand accounts than accounts of celebrities. In fact, 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business account.

With this data, there is no doubt that they are key pieces in the digital marketing strategy of any company.

But do we have to be on all platforms? No way! Before deciding, it is convenient that we study and analyze the ones that are best for us and where our audience is located.

Now let’s see the great advantages of social networks that benefit businesses:

  • Increased reputation of the brand

  • Improvement of customer service

  • Increased traffic to the website

  • Positive customer feedback

  • More information about users

  • Improvement of the positioning on the Internet

It’s safe to say that social media have a huge impact on people’s life. They have made the world more advanced due to all the benefits they offer. Social networks offer the possibility to share relevant information about just anything. Let’s take the opportunity and make the most of it.