How to Compress PDF Document Without Losing Quality


With the world transitioning to digitization, the trend of reading has gradually shifted from paper to screens and in this era, PDF (Portable Document Format) type of documents have become people’s favorite. Due to the fixed format across different devices and portability, common people, as well as businesses prefer the pdf format.
We often come across pdf files while making notes, downloading books, bank statements, payment receipts, and many more. Pdf files are highly compressible so if you have a big size pdf document then you can easily compress them both from your phone and desktop. In this article learn to compress your pdf documents losslessly.

Compressing PDF Documents From Desktop

  1. Open Chrome or any other web browser on your desktop and go to the following address –
    open adobe website

  2. Upon reaching the website, click on Select a file .
    select pdf

  3. Locate the file on your desktop that you want to compress, select it, and click on Open.
    opening pdf

  4. Whenyour selected pdf document gets uploaded, you will have three compression size choices i.e High, Medium, and Low. So select a Compression type and click on Compress.
    start pdf compression

  5. After successful compression, click on Download.

  6. Select a location and Save your compressed pdf document.
    save pdf

Compressing PDF Documents From Phone

  1. Download the Compress PDF File from Play Store and open it.

    open compression app
  2. Click on Open PDF.
    open pdf file

  3. Locate the file on your phone that you want to compress, and select it.
    locate pdf

  4. Now under Compression Level you can select any of the three compression methods i.e Extreme, Recommended, and Less. Then click on Compress.
    start compressing

  5. After the completion of compression you will get a Popup message stating information about your compressed pdf. Click on SAVE COMPRESSED PDF.
    save compressed pdf

  6. Now you will be able to see your compressed pdf file on the app itself. Click on the three-dot option and select Open to view the pdf. You can also Share or Delete the pdf from there.
    open pdf, share pdf, delete pdf

  7. To locate your compressed pdf document. Open any file manager app on your phone. Then go to Internal storage, open the Download folder followed by the PDF-Compressor folder, and there you will find the pdf files.
    find compressed pdf

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