How to Download Facebook Videos Without Any App


People nowadays are getting more engaged in watching and creating videos on social media platforms and one such platform is Facebook which allows users to binge-watch videos from different creators all around the world. Recently it has introduced short videos as well. So we can’t deny that tons of amazing videos are being uploaded on Facebook regularly.

While scrolling content, there are many times when we came across some remarkable videos that were so interesting that we wanted to save them offline but couldn’t because Facebook doesn’t allow users to download videos directly from the app. But no need to worry as there are various websites through which you can download Facebook videos for free. To ease your downloading process we’ve made a detailed guide to download Facebook videos without any app from both your phone and desktop.

Downloading Facebook Videos From Phone

  1. Open the Facebook app on your phone and locate the video you want to download.

  2. Click on the three-dots to open the video options.
    video option

  3. Now from the video options, select Copy link.
    copy link

  4. Next,open the Chrome browser or any other browser on your phone.
    Chrome browser

  5. On the address bar type the following address: and go to the website.

  6. Next, paste the copied video link from Facebook and click on Download .
    paste link

  7. Select your desired video quality and click on Download to start downloading. There are some video qualities that require to be rendered before downloading. So if you want to download a video with such qualities then click on Render.
    download video, render video

  8. The rendering process will begin and after its completion, the downloading option will appear. Click on Download and you are done.
    download rendered video

Downloading Facebook Videos From Desktop

  1. Open your favorite browser go to
    facebook website

  2. Select the video you want to download and click on the three dots to open the side option. Then click onCopy link to copy the video URL.
    copy video link

  3. Open a new tab and visit
    video downloader site

  4. Now paste the copied video link and click on Download.
    paste video link

  5. Several options will appear to download your video in different qualities. Click onDownload or Render depending on the quality of video you want to download.
    download, render

  6. If you have selected Render ,then wait for the video to be rendered and then click the Download button.
    rendered video

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