How to Delete YouTube Watch History on PC or Mobile


YouTube is one of the largest video streaming platforms and offers users a wide variety of videos ranging from entertainment to educational. As we spend time exploring and streaming our favorite videos, YouTube creates a watch history to recommend more tailored videos based on our tastes. Though this thing enhances video recommendations, there are users who don’t prefer it because some have privacy concerns as they sharetheir YouTube account with friends and family, and some simply don’t like to leave any traces behind.

For all such users, clearing their YouTube watch history isa good option. So whether you are a smartphone user who prefers using YouTube on mobile or a desktop user, this article will help you in deleting YouTube watch history onboth devices. Additionally, we have also included the steps for pausing your watch history, so that you will not have to clear it every time.

Delete YouTube Watch History on Phone:

  1. Open the YouTube app on your mobile phone.

  2. Click on the Library icon at the bottom right corner.

  3. Beside History, click on View all option to see all of your YouTube watch history.
    YouTube library

  4. Now at the top right corner click on the kebab menu icon to access the side menu.

  5. Then select Clear allwatch history to delete your watch history.

  6. A popup will appear to confirm the deletion, so click on the Clear watch history, and you are done.
    delete watch history
    If you don’t want to leave any traces behind, you willneed to clear YouTube history every time you watch something, but repeating this process every time is impractical and absurd. Thankfully YouTube gives you the option to pause your watch history and to do so, follow the following steps:

  7. Go to YouTube’s History section as you did in 3rd step and then click on the kebab menu icon at the top right corner.

  8. Then select Pause watch history.

  9. A confirmation popup will appear, so click on the Pause, and your watch history will be halted.
    pause YouTube watch history

Delete YouTube Watch History on Desktop:

  1. Go to YouTube’s website using Chrome or any other browser on your pc.
    youtube site

  2. From the side menu on the left, click on History.
    youtube history menu

  3. In the History menu, you will see all your YouTube watch history. To delete them, click on Clear all watch history.
    clear YouTube watch history

  4. A popup will appear for confirmation, so click on Clear watch history.
    delete watch history

  5. If you want to disable your watch history, then click on the Pause watch history under the Clear all watch history option in the History menu.
    pause watch history

  6. Click Pause on the confirmation popup, to disable your watch history.
    pause watch history

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