8 Best Free Sleep Apps For Android And iPhone


In most cases, Insomnia, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, and Nervousness occur late at night, and they are the common reasons for a disturbed sleeping pattern. Even electronics might be inappropriate if we consider their effect on sleep cycles. But that might be wrong to believe because several sources of sleep are available on that device that you might think hampers your sleeping routine.

According to a study done by Iowa State University, nearly 5 million Americans have difficulty sleeping every night. One needs to take time off to fix the reason and improve their sleep quality, but shutting your brain and stopping your mind from overthinking is easier said than done – not every way fits everyone.

Yoga and Meditating can be a way out, but not always, since for some people, sleep apps can bring ease to them. If you find your best sleep app, then it can not just help you calm down your mind but also lower anxiety and reduce screen time.

From peaceful sounds of nature to a bedtime story, the best sleep apps can do all of it and make sure to put you to sleep. To discover your sleeping app to soothe your soul, downloading one of the below-listed apps might be a good decision.

1. Calm – your better sleep app


If you’ve fallen prey to disturbed mental health, the Calm app can be your better snooze partner. The app is best reputed for its bedtime stories coming from familiar voices of celebrities. Calm doesn’t limit itself to being a late-night companion. It also helps during the day with meditation lessons, tips and tricks to mindfulness and stretches and your trainer for exercises. To help you focus, It can also line up songs and visuals and do much more if you subscribe to its premium plans.


  • free seven-day trial

  • Time commitment friendly

  • Calming sounds, ambient music, sleep stories

  • Personalised setting

  • Mindfulness reminders

  • Session History

  • Requires to commit to achieving results

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2. Sleep Cycle – Best free sleep app

Sleep Cycle

At times observing your sleeping pattern can help you fix a lot of sleep-related issues. The Sleep Cycle app is best suitable for that case. It keeps a record of your sleeping pattern and provides inputs on how to optimise the snoozing time. It might not be 100% accurate, but extremely close to it. Moreover, it also has guided meditation and sleep programs.


  • Comprehensive analysis

  • Smart alarm to wake you up in the lightest phase of sleep

  • Graphical Sleep tracking

  • Meditation and sleep coaching programs

  • Integrating the iOS Health app

  • Free seven-day trial

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3. Headspace – better sleep provider


A guide to meditation, A partner for sleep, Headspace does it all for you. Headspace also asks for your sleep concerns when you sign up on the app. Similar to Calm, its origin was ideally for meditation but later made a better version of a sleeping app. It added sleeping sounds, productivity-oriented meditating sessions, fitness and tension-releasing sessions. In the bargain, it also allows you to set notifications to remind you to meditate before sleep.


  • Aims at well-being

  • Free trial

  • Meditation techniques

  • Sleep sounds

  • Productivity oriented

  • Focus driven

  • Fitness sessions

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4. BetterSleep – Sleep better


With relaxation and sleep help, BetterSleep has a user-friendly UI/UX, as it comes with 100 selections to pick your perfect sound to lighten your mood. It signals your brain about the need to sleep with its ambient sounds and relaxes your mind. The sleep experts have done an excellent job with meditation and pillow exercises to fight mental issues.


  • Customised Ambient music

  • Meditation and Pillow exercises

  • Extremely User-friendly

  • Free services and paid additional features

  • Sleep tracker

  • Sound recorder while you sleep

  • Alarm Inclusive

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5. Pillow – One stop for iPhone


iOS users with Apple Watch and Apple Health have an extra hand on Pillow App since it allows app integration. With its comprehensive sleep accountability, all you have to do is switch the app on and keep your phone under the pillow while It collates all the data overnight and even records you to know whether you snore or sleep talk.

It also gives a sleep-tracking graph, but to boot, it allows comparison with other Apple Health app metrics for a deep understanding of the underlying causes.


  • App integration

  • Smart-sleep assistant for iOS users

  • Sleep tracking

  • Smart alarm

  • Sound recording

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6. Relax and Sleep Well

relax and sleep well

We all have heard how hypnosis works. With that working mechanism, relax and sleep well, has hypnosis recordings from Glenn Harrold to embark on a journey with you into deep hypnosis with background music that has meditational effects.

This digital hypnotherapist allows six free hypnotherapy, but the paid version has 40 additional recordings to deal with stress and anxiety.


  • Free Limited Access

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Sound recordings

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7. Slumber – Free sleep app


Slumber for your Slumber is a blend-in combination of all that one needs to have in a sleep app – from meditational series to bedtime stories to birds chirping – it has it all. With a massive sleep library on the app store and 7,000 5-star ratings, it is your perfect go-to sleep app. Starting from adding a sleep-building story each week, it enlarges its territory with an ASMR of your choice.


  • Free Limited Access

  • Sleep inducing stories

  • Meditation series each week

  • Background noises of choice

  • ASMR therapy

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8. Pzziz – Better sleep, nap and focus


Pzziz, your ultimate resolution to having better sleep, nap and focus, aims at dealing with insomniac behaviour. Pzizz works on the principle of psychoacoustics using the physiological effects of sound and belief in it. Just like you can set a sleep timer for music on Spotify, this allows you to set a timer for your sleep, to play ‘Dreamscape’ on snooze.


  • Free limited access

  • In-built alarm

  • Personalised voice narrations

  • Offline usage

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If you’ve had trouble sleeping recently, sleep apps will help you shut down on the world and fall asleep quickly. Sleep apps have a wide range, and listed above are a few for you to select from, which may vary requirement-to-requirement. Once you figure out what parameters you need on a sleep app, it’ll be easy to pick the most suitable one. So get going, and select one to be able to sleep peacefully.