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Google Pay Store is the largest mobile platform from where you can download several kinds of apps and games. Whenever we download an app from the Google Play Store, it gets installed automatically on our phone but one issue that arises with Google Play Store is that we cannot access the solid APK file which can be downloaded without automatic installation and be shared on other devices.

There are times when we require the actual APK file that can be shared or stored as a backup. But worry not as we have come up with a solution. In this article, learn how you can download the APK and backup it or share it with your friends.

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1. Download the APK through the File Manager App

There are 2 ways to download and save the .APK file with the help of an amazing third-party file manager. This file manager does not just show your device files but it can also do the backup of your all Apps with just a single click. So let’s get deeper and find how we can backup or download the app APK files.

#1 Method

  1. To download the APK, first download the File Manager app (By File Manager Plus) from the Google Play Store and open it.

  2. Now press and hold to select the apps you want to save, and then click on Backup at the bottom left corner.
    file manager app

  3. The Backup will start. If you are backing up a larger app, press HIDE to run the backup in the background.

  4. After the backup is completed, go to the Main storage and then open the backups folder.
    app backup

  5. Now open the apps folder and you will find your backed-up .APK files in the apps folder that you can share directly with other devices.
    locating backed up apps

#2 Method

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the File Manager App. Then press and hold the installed app on your phone that you want to save, and then click on the Share option from the pop-up menu.

  2. Next, click on the File Manager app icon from the share icon and open the Downloads.share apk in file manager

  3. In the Downloads folder click on the Save icon on the right side at the bottom of the screen. The copying of the APK file will start.

  4. After a successful copy, you can share the APK file on other the apk in downloads

2. How To Download APK Files from Play Store

Yes, you can also download your favorite app APK file with the help of the Google Play Store. But this step needs an additional third-party website to download the Google play store selected APK file.

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your phone.

  2. Look for the application you want to download, and then click on the three dots at the top right corner.

  3. Click on the Share option from the side play store

  4. Next, click on the Copy icon to copy the application link and then open Chrome or any other browser on your phone.

  5. Click on the address bar and Go to the
    open chrome app

  6. Paste the link you have copied in the box and click on GENERATE LINK.

  7. The site will fetch the app you want to download. So then click on the PROCEED TO DOWNLOAD PAGE button, and wait a few seconds for the download to start.
    apkleecher app downloader

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