How To Use Spotify Karaoke Mode In 2023


Music plays a very important role in each of our lives. Whether it be for a joyous occasion or to ease a troubling soul or mind, Music is one thing that just lifts our mood for the day. Our brains are greatly influenced by music, and listening to calming music truly improves our mood. Some people enjoy listening to songs alone but a majority of us would try to sing along with our favorite artists or tune. The sing-along art form has been embraced by all generations alike.

Karaoke is an art form that originated in Japan. This particular form of entertainment lets us sing our hearts out into a microphone with pre-recorded scores and background tracks. The more the merrier but as our work-life balance does not warrant that kind of set-up every day, Spotify has brought to you its own version of Karaoke Mode which can be accessed through your phones. Yes, now the age-old activity of complete joy has been made available to you by Spotify.

The excitement to get hold of this new feature and mode is sky-high. However, it has not yet been rolled out in every country, and would take some time before all Spotify users can access it. But for those who can, we’ve got just the right way to how you can avail the benefit of Spotify’s New Karaoke Mode. Let us dive into it without any further duet.

How To Use Spotify Karaoke Mode?

Spotify very recently launched its new feature ‘Karaoke Mode‘ for all its users. This new feature is not restricted to only premium members but all users can access it. Spotify’s Karaoke mode provides a very lively set-up wherein users can sing along to their chosen songs. The program not only provides you with on-screen lyrics, but it also assigns you a singing score. Users can also get their singing skills and abilities tested as users receive a score for the song they choose to sing. The scores range from 0 to 100 based on how perfectly you sang the song.

(Before we decode the procedure through which users can access the Karaoke mode, the users have to ensure that their device and the Spotify app have been updated to the latest version, without which the access is ineligible)

To enable Spotify’s Karaoke Mode:

  1. Open your Spotify App.

  2. Pick a song that to wish to sing along to.

  3. Your mobile’s screen will display the selected song.

  4. To view the lyrics, scroll down.

  5. The lyrics section will have a little microphone sign in the top right corner.

  6. By tapping the ‘Sing’ button, the karaoke mode will be activated.

With the above simple and easy steps, users can have access to the Karaoke mode which will rate and encourage your singing skills.