How to Remove Suggestions History on Chrome


Google Chrome’s suggestions history is a powerful feature that helps to enhance your browsing experience by providing you with relevant search suggestions based on your past searches as you type in the search bar.Though this feature can be extremely helpful and convenient for some users, but for other users, who are concerned about their privacy or just prefer a clean browsing experience may not prefer it.

Thankfully Google Chrome gives us the option to enable or disable suggestions at our convenience. You can easily remove Chrome suggestions history and browse or search freely without worrying about your privacy. To do this, you have to toggle some options in Chrome settings. So in this article, you will find a detailed guide on removing Chrome suggestions history both using your phone and desktop.

How to Remove Suggestions History on Android/iOS Smartphones

  1. To clear out the history from Google Chrome, the first step is to open the Google Chrome browser on your smartphone.

  2. Next, click on the kebab menu icon which is present at the top right corner to access the side menu and select Settings.
    chrome app

  3. Under the Chrome settings, you will find the Google services. just click on it.

  4. On the Google services page,turn offthe Improve search suggestions.

  5. Now, go back to Google Chrome’s homepage again for the next step.
    disable search suggestion

  6. For the next 2nd step, click on the hamburgermenu icon at the top left side to access the side menu and select search settings.

  7. Now under the Activity and Content section select Personal results on.
    activity and content

  8. On the next screen, disable Show personal results andgo back to Search settings again.

  9. Under Mobile preferences, disable Auto-complete with trending searches. Now you successfully disabled the suggestions history on your Chrome browser.
    search settings

How to Remove Suggestions History on Desktop

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser application on your desktop and click on the kebab menu icon at the top right corner to access the side menu and click on Settings.
    chrome browser settings

  2. Next, in Chrome settings, go tothe You and Google section, and click on Sync and Google services.
    you and google

  3. Scroll down and disable Improve search suggestions as well as Show Google Drive suggestions options and you will be done. That’s it, You have successfully disabled the keyword suggestions in Google Chrome.
    improve search suggestions

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