How To Stream Audio From PC To Android Via WIFI or USB Using SoundWire


Want to watch a movie on your PC but you don’t have speakers to connect with the PC? No issues use your Android phone to stream your PC audio. Your Android phone can do a lot of interesting things along with calling. Being able to stream audio from PC to Android device can be helpful in many ways. Your device can act like a wireless speaker that can play audio from your PC. You can move around the house or place it in your car. Many people prefer their phone speaker over PC. This can help you use your phone for audio output while still using a PC for display.

Here is an easy and simple way to stream audio from PC to Android phones via WIFI or USB. There are two methods to connect your PC with your Android device to stream audio from the PC. You can use either one according to your convenience.

In this tutorial, we will use SoundWire by GeorgieLabs to stream audio from pc to Android phones. The app comes with both paid and free versions on Playstore. The Paid version is ad-free with multiple client support and works with both Wi-Fi and USB both.

Prerequisites to stream PC Audio to Android

  1. Your PC and Android device must be connected to the same network.

  2. SoundWire App should be installed on your Android as well as your PC.


SoundWire(Free) Android App

SoundWire Server for PC

Steps to Stream Audio From PC to Android via WIFI Using SoundWire

  1. The first step to stream your PC audio to an Android device is to connect both the Android device and PC within the same network and install the SoundWire app on your Android and PC.

  2. After installation, open the Soundwire application on your PC. Once the app is open, you will see the Server address on the top. Copy the server address and open Soundwire on Android and put that copied Server Address on Android SoudWire App. Now just click on the App icon to connect.Connect the apps

  3. Once you tap on the App icon, the status will change from disconnected to connected. That means your Android device speaker is connected to the PC and becomes the external speaker for the PC. Now, any audio played on your PC will be streamed on your Android device.Status:Connected

Note: If you find the audio is lagging then you have to reduce the buffer size from the SoundWire Android app setting.

cloudwire buffer size

Steps to Stream Audio From PC to Android via USB using SoundWire

  1. The first step to stream PC audio to an Android device is to connect your PC and Phone through USB and enable USB tethering. To enable USB tethering, goto the setting -> network/more setting -> USB tethering.USB tethering.

  2. Now go to the SoundWire app on your phone and enter the Server address, Just like you did in step 2 in the above method, and tap on the logo to connect. Now you are ready to stream pc audio to an Android device.
    But this time your Android device and PC are connected through a USB cable, not WIFI. As you are connected with USB, you will not experience any lag in the audio streaming.

Hope you understood how to turn your Android phone into a speaker for your PC. If you have any doubts in any step then feel free to reach out to us in the comment box.

For more detail explanation, watch out the below video on How To Stream Audio From PC To Android Phone Via WIFI

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