The 10 Worst Android Phones Of All Time That You Must know


The easy availability of Android phones makes it difficult to choose the perfect one. Comparing the features and the price does not make it easy to pick an android mobile phone. With everyone out there talking about the best Android phone, we have decided to inform our readers about the worst Android phones of all time. Moreover, it’s necessary to know the smartphones you need not choose as the options are vast. Before starting, you need to keep one thing in mind; the choice is always subjective. As a result of which you will disagree, but we are still eager to know your opinion. Let us start without any further delay.

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List of 10 Worst Android Phones Of The Century

10. Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note 7 is the first worst Android phone on our list with the best features. This Samsung mobile phone has all the qualities expected in an Android phone, and the phone has 4GB RAM along with a super AMOLED display with HRD10 support. The cameras are fantastic in comparison to the phones of that time. It even supports an iris scanner and fingerprint sensor though it was released in 2016. You can consider Galaxy Note 7 as the phone with the full package. The phone features were neck to neck with people’s expectations, such as the support of S Pen Stylus.

But the only drawback or you can say biggest and dangerous failure was in the battery. The battery was exploding. The explosions scared the people, thus banning phones while traveling, especially by air and metro. Although the phone was fantastic with lots of unique features, the battery explosion incidents made it the worst android phone of all time.

Galaxy Note 7

9. Motorola Quench

Motorola Quench was launched in April 2010 with tremendous enthusiasm, but little did the company know that this phone would be considered one of the worst Android phones of all time. The company discontinued the phone manufacturing as it received much criticism and people didn’t buy it.

We think the main reason for disliking the Motorola Quench was its low RAM of only 256MB. In contrast to that era of technology, RAM as low as 256MB was not preferred. In addition to the insufficient space, the camera quality is equally low. The phone is devoid of a selfie camera, and the primary camera comes with a single 5MP, Af sensor. Motorola Quench lacked features that are expected in a Smartphone. Although the Screen quality was excellent and durable despite the low-resolution display, the Motorola Quench could make its place in people’s hearts.

Motorola Quench

8. Nokia N8

Nokia N8 came into existence in April 2010 and lost its existence gradually. The features were useful. The display was an AMOLED one. Yet, it could make its palace in the market. The reasons were low RAM of only 256MB. In addition to it, the OS was Symbian, and most people prefer using android or IOS. The phone was way too expensive, as well. Apart from that, the phone is sluggish. The QWERTY keyboard is also accessible in landscape mode only. The battery you get is not user-replaceable too.

Nokia N8

7. Kyocera Echo

Kyocera echo came with quite an innovative idea of the dual-screen, yet it is considered one of the worst Android phones. The main reason behind this was poor execution. The apps could not run smoothly, especially in full-screen mode, using both the displays. Kyocera modified some apps, which were the only ones to run smoothly.

The device could not run two apps simultaneously, thus leading to the failure of the dual-screen. Moreover, the Android version on the phone did not get regular updates, so it got old and outdated with time.

Kyocera Echo

6. Vertu Signature Touch

Vertu Signature Touch is one of the worst Android phones of this century. The reason that made the phone the worst smartphone is the price. The specifications of Vertu Signature Touch were not premium, which could not justify the cost. The price was way too high. With such a price as high as $11,500, you could easily buy a car. The phone’s only fascinating feature is its titanium body, a luxurious leather-covered rear panel, and a sapphire crystal glass capacitive screen.

Vertu Signature Touch

5. Freedom 251

Freedom 251 manufacturing Company is Ringing Bells Private Limited. You can consider the phone as the cheapest android phone in the world. The price is as low as ₹251, equivalent to $3.54 as of 2020. The phone has all the smartphone features, but sadly, the company’s owner could not fill the public demand. Lots of people pre-ordered the phone. It was not an original phone, but a Chinese phone with the original brand covered using a whitener. The owner ended up in jail. He had to return the money he collected from the customers. According to us, Freedom 251 is one of the worst Android phones you should specifically avoid.

Freedom 251

4. Lenovo Phab 2 pro

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro comes with 4GB RAM along with Snapdragon 652 processor. It supports a 4G LTE network, and the operating system is Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The phone features a 64 MP primary camera and a fingerprint sensor. Despite these features, the phone could provide performance expected by its consumers and be considered as the worst Android phone of all time. The deciding factors are its bulkiness and its heavyweight. In addition to disappointing hardware, the android version in the phone does not get any updates, and there is no NFC support.worst android phones

3. Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon made the mistake of interfering in the android phone market and made the worst android phone. They made a promise to provide a 3D interface and failed to do so. It felt as if the main focus was to make it easy for consumers to have access to purchase products on their website. You will find it hard to believe, but the smartphone could not even provide a good quality voice during the call. The phone lacked features. Luckily, the phone did not last long in the market, and no one had to suffer from the worst phone.

Amazon Fire

2. BlackBerry PRIV

PRIV stands for Privilege and Privacy, yet it could not provide any privacy, making it one of the worst Android phones. The phone contains a built-in app, namely DTEC, which could only detect your lock code’s strength. Moreover, it only monitored how secure your phone was; instead, it should have protected the data from stopping the stealing. It does not matter how many security levels your phone has; if you are on the unsecured network, you are no longer safe from stealing data.blackberry priv

1. LG DoublePlay

Though LG tried to be creative and wanted to stand out in the market, they failed miserably. LG DoublePlay smartphone comes with a dual-screen. The worst part of the phone was the second screen. It became difficult to use the QWERTY keyboard due to the presence of a screen in between. Yes, the keyboard was split into two, you can imagine what the phone looked like, and the typing experience was not good. Thus making it the worst android phone.LG DOublePlay

Now comes the favorite part. This was from our point of view and as said earlier opinion differs with people. We would love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to comment and let us know what is going on in your mind.

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