Apple WWDC 2020 Highlights - WWDC 2020 event keynote and all highlights of Apple iOS, macbook, airpods

June 23, 2020 7149 Shreya
Apple WWDC 2020

Apple WWDC 2020 is an event for all Apple and Apple devices fans worldwide. It is highly popular because Apple WWDC keynote announces many updates to iOS, iPadOS 14, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS for Apple devices. We have also made a special frequently asked section for all your Apple and Apple WWDC event-related questions. We have answered everything in this article about Apple WWDC 2020 keynote announcements and highlights.

What does Apple WWDC stand for? (meaning of Apple WWDC 2020)

Apple WWDC 2020 official website is WWDC stands for World Wide Developers Conference. It is hosted by Apple every year.

What will Apple release in 2020? (Apple WWDC 2020 expectations)

Apple WWDC 2020 has announced so many iOS updates. If an app is using your mic or camera, you’d know. It talks more than anything about how Apple takes care of privacy. This dot indicates when an app is using a microphone or a camera. Just superb. That’s a start; as long as the phone isn’t compromised, the hardware switch is too radical. We will understand all things discussed in Apple WWDC now!

Apple WWDC is proof that Apple has done a killer job of steadily making it better and more seamless every year. All of these smaller updates make a real difference.

As soon as the Apple WWDC started, it broke the internet. People began sharing online about it with the hashtags #iOS14 and #WWDC2020.

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Apple WWDC 2020 keynote

Tim Cook hosts the Apple WWDC 2020 keynote virtually.
Tim Cook hosts the Apple WWDC 2020 keynote virtually.

At WWDC, the company is expected to discuss its new iOS 14 iPhone and iPad software and new WatchOS and MacOS software to power its Apple Watch, MacBooks, iMacs, and Mac Pros, etc. This years many customs ROMs for mac are announced being a major highlight.

All Apple WWDC 2020 highlights and iOS 14 highlights:

  • App library: here all Apple apps are organized

  • Redesigned Siri view

  • Widgets on the home screen: i.e., a new home screen with widgets

  • Widget Gallery

  • Picture in picture

  • Apple car key

  • Apple Pencil updates

  • Redesigned SIRI

  • Apple CarKey

All the big announcements from Apple WWDC 2020 keynote.

In Apple WWDC 2020 keynote, what were the big announcements? In Apple’s 2020 WWDC keynote, what secrets revealed? Let’s find out, keep reading.

iPadOS 14 is getting compact: big announcement in Apple WWDC 2020

iPad OS 14 left side navigation Apple WWDC 2020 update.

iPadOS 14 has got a wickedly but highly anticipated update for the users. Whenever you get a new call, it won’t take up the entire screen. People are joking about how they can now ignore calls in peace. It’s comic relief for Apple users. Also, the new iPad OS 14 makes the layout easy with left side navigation.

Apple iOS 14 picture-in-picture video to iPhone: big reveal in Apple WWDC 2020

Picture-in-Picture is coming to the iphone, iOs 14 at Apple WWDC 2020
Picture-in-Picture is coming to the iphone, iOs 14.

Now users can watch videos on their Apple iPhones while using other apps. This announcement is making users very happy. Online there is massive popularity for this particular feature of Apple. The reason is simple: people want to multitask better daily. You can resize and move the picture frame too.

Apple Scribble Pencil Update in Apple WWDC 2020

Apple pencil big announcement at Apple WWDC 2020 event
Apple pencil

The introduction of Scribble by Apple WWDC 2020 is phenomenal. For notes and making any web searches, this is handy. You can type in a text and convert it to handwriting and vice versa.

Apple Translate Update in Apple WWDC 2020


Apple Translate announced in Apply WWDC 2020, which is built into iOS. You can use it in group chats and voice-overs easily. Firstly, Google translate is the inspiration for the new Apple Translate. It will also make Siri smarter, surprisingly.

Apple Car Key update in Apple WWDC 2020


Apple CarKey is announced in the Apple WWDC 2020, brings support for NFC car keys with iOS 14. Temporary access to the car is now possible. What a beautiful tech world we live in today!

Apple just announced CarKey. The feature will let you unlock your car with only your iPhone (you can even digitally share the key with others). The BMW 5 Series will be the first to feature the tool.

Airpods Apple WWDC 2020 update.

Are you worried about connecting Apple AirPods again and again with every device? Finally, the problem will stay no more. The new iOS update is going to make this easy too. Spatial Audio is new for AirPods Pro and highly anticipated. Apple, for its iPhone, is upgrading AirPod also. Thanks toApple WWDC 2020.

Highlights of apple wwdc 2020 conference summary.

Apple build own chips and breaks up with Intel at Apple WWDC 2020
Apple build own chips and breaks up with Intel.
  1. Apple made a big announcement of breaking up with Intel. The company will transition to its computer processors, in a long-anticipated shift that ends a 15-year partnership.

  2. With macOS on Apple SoC, the iOS and iPad OS apps can run natively, universal apps for the Apple ecosystem, but a step backward for cross and multi-platform development. It is probably the biggest iOS update in years.

  3. New home screen, Widgets, Picture in Picture, App Library, Apple Maps, and iMessage.

  4. Apple is going back to proprietary SoC.

  5. Macs built with Apple Silicon can run iOS, iPadOS apps natively.

  6. Apple redesigned most of its apps in Big Sur for new Apple Silicon chips, including Final Cut and Logic Pro.

Tell us in the comments what your thoughts are about Apple WWDC 2020 keynote. Are you waiting for a new Apple iPhone or updating the iOS 14! Come back again for the latest technology updates on Apple.

Frequently Asked Questions about Apple and apple wwdc 2020 conference

  1. How do I get to the Apple WWDC 2020 event?

    You must have a premium (paid) Apple access to watch the event.

  2. Which iPad will get iOS 14? Is it a Apple WWDC 2020 highlight?

    The iOS and iPad OS 14 compatibility is mainly for all Apple devices. iOS 14 will be found in iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, and above. It also includes iPad mini and iPad Air, and iPad Pro. It is not an apple WWDC highlight. Many other Apple devices are also in the light.

  3. When will I get an iPhone 12? Is Apple WWDC 2020 announcing iPhone 12?

    iPhone 12, or whatever iPhone will announce later this year is likely to arrive by September 2020.