FaceApp: Know Everything About The All New App And Its Policies

July 23, 2019 13417 Smrithy FaceApp: Know Everything About The All New App And Its Policies

Trends change and we as consumers simply use them and now all we hear is the all-new FaceApp application. An application that can simply take us to our future look or just take us a few years back using one of the latest technology like Artificial Intelligence has created hype all around the world. This new trend is being viral everywhere but yet most of them have no idea about the effect or use of this App. Like done always nobody reads the Terms and Conditions for any application before its use but here you shall know everything about all new FaceApp

Let's Start From The Scratch- What is FaceApp?

FaceApp is a mobile application developed by a Russian company named Wireless Lab for both Android and iOS user's using the latest technology called Artificial Intelligence. Using this technology it is possible to recreate highly transformational pictures, especially our face. This app can change the timeline of a picture i.e. with respect to age, it can transform a face to smile and also change gender. They also use neural face transformations to make creepy and weird pictures for fun. This application was launched in the year 2017 and ever since then, the developers were working on various features to enhance the user's experience.

Head' Up

FaceApp is similar to Prisma. This App just like Prisma use server-side technologies to process the pictures using various filters and these images are stored in the FaceApp server.

Artificial Intelligence and Neural Face Transformation-Relatable Technology

Technology is an important asset. This leads to a revolution. Using the famous Deep Generative Convolution Neural Network, an algorithm is created for FaceApp. This algorithm considers our face as the input and adjusts it on various other parameters. The neural head can add various features like changing the gender, hair color, beard, add a smile to the image and various other transformational features. These techniques are one of the main reason that makes it quite trending.

  • Impression: This feature lets you use the filters.

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  • Smiles: This feature creates a smile in your picture if you haven't appeared to give one.

  •  FaceApp
  • Beard: Various beard looks are provided such that you can match yourself into one that makes you look good.

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  • Hair Color and Hair Style: Lets you change your hair color and hairstyle according to your choice.

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  • Glasses: Appears to give a nerdy look.

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  • Age: Takes you through a timeline.

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Time For Some Action

Download FaceApp from either Google Play Store or from App Store depending on the Operating System that you use. Launch the application once it's downloaded and from here it's pretty simple.


Open the app and choose the photos you want to edit. It lets you edit pictures from Facebook and from your gallery. It's quite interesting to even edit pictures of celebrities. This app also takes access permission to use your camera as it has an inbuilt camera option. We need to grant permission for the FaceApp server in-order to use their camera. In rejection will not let you use the camera.


Once the picture is selected or captured you can use any of these features as mentioned to make it look more appealing of your choice.

Pay to use more filter

Not all the filters are free of cost. The developers have come out with the premium version of the app which is called as FaceApp Pro. For monthly subscription pay Rs 299/- and for annual subscription Rs 1599/-  and if you want to own the application pay Rs 3,099/-.

For the payment you do, you receive a

  • Face Selection: You can choose a face from multiple faces and FaceApp it.

  • No watermarks: You can remove the FaceApp watermark from the picture.

  • Ad-free experience: No interference with pop-up ads while using the app.

Do Not Skip This

Even though FaceApp is breaking every other trend around, there are issues concerning privacy. The service provided by the developers comes under a cost for a lot of users. With the access permission is given by us to the FaceApp server to save our pictures has given away a lot of data including our web address, IP address, the number of clicks on each feature, pages viewed and such other information's that hold our valuable data. The only justification given by the Russian company is that the information is scope to improve the quality of service in its privacy policy.

Make an attempt to read the privacy policy as the user information may be shared with business companies that are legally partnered with FaceApp or become a part of those affiliates.


FaceApp is a brilliant application and its user-friendly.  FaceApp application uses some of the famous technologies around the corner to make it all the simpler. Its features give us such an enhanced look in our pictures. FaceApp is a game-changer in the field of mobile application and the technology being used to create this.