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Battery Life is one of the most talked-about features of any smartphone. Nowadays, when most of us our so depend on our phones, it is understood that a phone with better battery life is a priority. Most of the smartphone brands are aware of it and, that’s why with every new iPhone or Android smartphone we get a better battery performance. But apart from that, there are some tips you can follow toincrease mobile battery life. These are very simple things you should keep in mind. Keep reading to see our compilation of Battery saving tips to increase mobile battery life.

When talking about ways to increase mobile battery life, the first thing that comes to mind isLow Power Mode. This mode is a great option for an emergency but regular use not so much. Battery Saver Mode or Low Power Mode shuts down different resources on your phone to save power. This includes syncing notification, GPS settings, and background apps. It is not best for everyday power saving because it can affect app performance. Instead of using this mode to increase mobile battery life, controlling these features yourself would be a better option.

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6 Effective Ways To Increase Mobile Battery Life

1. Screen Brightness

The first very simple tip to help youincrease the battery life of mobile is to dimming brightness. Controlling and adjusting brightness is also very easy. You can either keep it low all the time or adjust according to lighting and your comfort. You can also switch to auto-brightness mode on your iPhone. This way, you don’t have to worry about going to Settings and adjusting it again and again.

Another way to use the dark display to save battery is by switching to the dark theme or dark mode. You can either simply switch to night mode or, apply a darker theme. Some of the apps like Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp also have a dark mode. This way your screen will consume less power.

2. Using WiFi

Switching to WiFi can significantly decrease your battery usage. WiFi connections use less power than the cellular data connection. Cellular 4G/3G connection is considered more powerful and, your phone has to work more to maintain the connection. However, when you switch to WiFi, 3G and 4G shut down, therefore, lowering the battery consumption. Connecting to WiFi is simple, just goto to setting and select WiFi. This will work for both Android and iOS users.

If you do not have a WiFi connection or, you simply don’t wish to use one, it is better to turn off automatic WiFi searching in your android phone. Even if you turn off the WiFi your phone is actively looking for the connection. You can turn this automatic search off to increase mobile battery life. Simply go to your WiFi setting / Network Setting and turn off the Automatic WiFi option.

3. Location Services for apps

Many common apps use location services that can eat up your battery fast. Although for some apps it is necessary, many others can work fine without it. You can turn off the location services for apps toincrease the battery life of mobile and turn it back on when you are using apps like Google Maps. To turn off location services, goto privacy settings. You can also turn it off for selected apps.

4. Manage Apps

How you manage apps can help in optimizing battery usage. Firstly, you can close the apps running in the background. The iOS apps run in the background and check updates even after you close them. Shutting down this process can help youincrease the battery life of the mobile. To stop this you have to turn off Background App Refresh. You can do this from General Setting. For Android phones, there is a similar option to restrict background apps. First, check the battery consumption of different apps and enable the restriction of those apps from the app setting.

It is also possible that you may have some apps that are draining away too much battery. Tracking battery usage can help you find these apps, so, you can either uninstall them or find a better alternative.

Lastly, switch to the Lite version of apps to reduce battery consumption. These Lite apps are supposed to use fewer data and work in low power. Lite version of popular apps like Facebook,Twitter, Amazon Kindle is easily available on App stores. You can save both storage and battery from it.

5. Digital assistant app

A digital assistant can make any work a lot easier, which is one of the reasons for its popularity. Your android phone may have Google assistant and, there is Siri for iOS. But if you are not using them, it is advisable to disable your Digital assistant app to increase mobile battery life. These apps require to work in the background and provide assistance. However it completely unnecessary and a battery killer if you use it rarely or never. To turn off Siri, you just have to go to the Siri and Search setting. For Google Assistant, you have to find Google Assistant Setting in the Google App and disable it.

6. Auto-Sync

The auto-sync feature supposed to keep the data on your phone updated. This means you will get notification from different apps from time to time. But because of this apps are working in the background and using the battery. You can reduce this by customizing the notification setting and turning off the auto-sync. Simply disable it for apps that are not important or that you are constantly checking and don’t need notification for it. For your iPhone, go to the Fetch Data in Password and Account Setting. There you can also set up how often you want to sync data and get notified.

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