How To Make Your Pictures Look Amazing With Photo Editing Apps?


Capturing professional photographs is not easy if you don’t have a DSLR. Today everyone considers them good photographers as we have free access to decent cameras on our smartphones. There are many flagship devices you can purchase today that can provide you results like a professional camera, but the fact of life is that not all of us can buy high-end flagship devices. Still, all of us are fond of getting good pictures. Today, we will tell you how you can get good pictures or make your photos look amazing.

We have free access to online camera filter applications installed on all kinds of smartphones. These apps can easily help you change the look of your otherwise average images. There are more than hundreds of photo editor apps that you can find on your device’s application store but we cannot possibly discuss all of the apps in one post. Still, we have collected information about the best options that can help you change your images. So here are some of the best photo editor or photo filter apps that you can use on any smartphone you want and upgrade your images to look more amazing.

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List of Best Apps For Editing your Pictures to Look Amazing!

1. Google Photos – Photo Editor

google photos

The general concept about Google photos is that it is a platform where you can only upload and store your images or create a backup for them. This is not completely true; Google photos can surely help you store and backup your pictures, but at the same time, you should know that this app can help you edit your images and make them look attractive. There are different editing options and features that you can find on this app using which you can alter your images:

  • You can crop or resize your images with Google photos.

  • You can adjust the brightness, saturation, and contrast of images.

  • You boost the shadows in the pictures.

  • You can alter the image with different camera filters powered by Google algorithms.

The best thing about Google photos is that it suggests improvements and enhancements, following which you can make your image look amazing.

2. Camera Filters and Effects

google photo

This camera filter and effects application is also known as one of the best pop photography apps that you can find on the web these days. This application provides you with dozens of photo filters and hundreds of different effects to try and improve the look of your images. This camera filter app is mostly popular because of its Lomography, vintage, and Instagram camera filters

If you are fond of vintage images and want to give your picture look of the 70s, you need to try this lomograph app. This camera filter app then can easily make your average photos look amazing. Some of the best fitters that you can try would include:

  • Darkroom filters

  • Hipstamatic camera

  • Cinematic camera

  • Old retro

  • Lomo Camera

  • Instagram Camera Filters

The app is free to install, and so you don’t have to worry about the cost of editing and personalizing.

3. Snapseed

google photo

Snapseed is another online application that can be used for editing photos of all sorts. This camera filter app is very famous, mainly because of its simple and minimal interface. Here, you should know that you can find thousands of different options for image modifications in this application in this application. You can find different kinds of adjustment options that you cannot find in any other app in this league.

There are adjustment options and tools that can change the perspective of an average-looking image. You can find all options and tools on this app that are generally found on professional desktop editor apps. The photo filter apps offered by Snapseed are just like a healing brush for your image.

4. Pixlr

google photo

This is also one of the best photo editing applications that can turn your images into unique pieces of artwork. With this app, you can do everything from adding different camera filters to using various text labels on your image. Pixlr is very much famous, and this is all because of its advanced functionalities and simplicity. The app is so simple that even a layperson can beautify their images like an expert designer. 

You just have to open your images with Pixlr, and you would find different setting options and custom filters which can give a premium look to your photos. This app is one of the best freemium apps for both android and iOS users.


google photo

This is one of the eldest and a well-reputed application that can help you beautify your images. This camera app is being used all across the globe today and by all kinds of users. The auto-enhancing feature of this application can beautify your pictures with just one click. If you are not satisfied with the auto filters, you can use dozens of other camera filters this app offers. You can also create your custom filters by using different tools and skew options by VSCO.