Tips To Consider When Creating a Website For Your Business


The new marketing trends call for you to present your goods and services through the online channel. For this, creating a website using a tool like small business website builder is the most effective and cost-efficient way. But website creation is certainly a daunting task that many draw out.

Always remember that a good website is a key to turning the leads into potential customers. So, while you are creating a website for your business, work on these key points to get the best result.

1. Look for a simple yet unique design

It is the first impression that converts the customer to a buyer. You need to keep in mind the end-user while designing the site. Excessive use of fonts, and gifs can distract the user from the main purpose of the website.

Keep things simple and appealing. The use of small paragraphs and bullet points makes your aim scannable. It is recommended not to use more than 120 words on the homepage. Dazzling things might appeal to one, but it will leave the client distracted from the actual aim.

2. Responsive website

A recent study conducted showed that more than 72% of the users want the website to be mobile-friendly. This huge percentage could cause you a great deal of loss if not taken care of.

Your website should not be designed for large computers or should not have complex images or data. It should be responsive enough to switch according to the device in use, be it a computer, a mobile phone, or an iPad.

3. Content is critical

Don’t neglect the importance of content. A well-written content drives traffic to your website and in return increases your search engine ranking.

Your content needs to be crisp, clear, and concise. Poorly written content takes just a moment for the user to discard your services. Be sure that relevant and updated content is placed in the correct place on the website. Regularly update the product information, its price, business hours, and new articles.

4. Security of the website

When we hear about the security of the website what should strike us first is the installation of an SSL certificate. This helps in building the trust between the user and the website holder. The security feature can be seen when an HTTPS with a padlock is placed on the address bar.

If the website is using multiple subdomains of the main domain, then, a wildcard like RapidSSL wildcard, Thawte Wildcard SSL certificate, DigiCert wildcard are the trending and cheapest of the SSL certificates that you can think of. You need to install SSL cert on the website so that the user is sure of the security of their personal information.

5. Call to action and lead generation

A call to action on every landing page on a website increases leads and helps to increase the conversion rate.

Let every page on your website should entice the customer to do something. It can be an offer popping up to draw a reader’s attention, subscribing to a newsletter, or answering a survey to gather user information. Keep it above the fold so that a user does need not to spend time finding it.

6. Respect the need for speed

This is the era of fast-changing technology and a speedy impatient generation. So, you need to keep an eye on how your website is functioning.

A slow-loading site especially when it comes to the payment page often switches the user’s interest from your website.

A regular check on the site’s load time, performance, speed, and formatting needs to be done to maintain a good and quick user interface.

7. Easy to find and navigate

It is rightly said that it is all in the title. The better the title the more audience will get attracted to your website.

Choose a unique and short domain name for your website. It should be preferably your business’s name so that it becomes easy to find. Also, make sure the domain name incorporates what your business aims at.

The navigation within the website must be easy and clearly visible. There should be a tab that contains the list of the main landing pages of the website. Also, the website should be designed in a way so that wherever you are, you can easily find your way to the homepage.

8. Reliable host

A reputable and reliable host is a must to ensure the smooth running of your website. Web developers, bloggers and others rely on only top-notch hosts.

In case a server is down, a good host helps us to easily overcome the technical glitch. With a good hosting partner for your website, data will be secured, and they will further increase the traffic to your website, thus, increasing your search engine ranking.

9. Easy payment gateway

The e-commerce industry was once an outlier and there were a few who trusted them. But over the years, the aura of e-commerce has captured every household and is becoming a trending way of commerce.

With this increase, one needs to make sure that the payment facilities are easy and safe. Incorporate the best of the payment gateways within your website and make sure that no long hard processes are there to buy a product. Make the product a click away from the user.

10. Incorporate the best SEO and SEM techniques

Your work doesn’t stop once you launch the website. Or I must say it increases fourfold after the launch. You need to make sure that the desired traffic is heading towards your website and increasing your conversation rate. Make a list of things that are boosting your business or is the call to action gathering enough data.

All this comes under the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) fields, both of which require enough time and money.

You can any day hire a professional to take care of your SEO OR SEM needs and boost your website and hence the business.

Final verdict

Above mentioned simple yet effective tips for creating a Website for Your Business can boost your website’s appearance. Your customers will surely find it easy to get to your website and have a user-friendly experience.

Whether you are a small business owner or a giant whale in the market, you should have a website that displays your goods in the best possible way.