Windows vs. Linux | Comparison between Linux and Windows Operating System

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Windows Vs. Linux - A comparison between Linux and Windows Operating system on the basis of its reliability, cost, usability, installation, security, file system.


Top 5 reasons not to root your Android device

top-things Komal Rangoonwala

Here is list of reasons to not root your Android device. There are lots of negative aspects when you root your Android device like you may lose you device, void its warranty etc.


Android Stock Rom VS Custom Rom: Which one is better?

tips-and-tricks Madhumitha

In this article, we will know about the Stock ROMs and Custom ROMs then we will compare Android Stock vs Custom ROMs on the basis of security, performance, features, etc.


Firewall Vs Antivirus: What's the difference | A Complete Guide

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Firewall and Antivirus are both two fundamental technique to provide the security to our systems. A firewall protects your system from incoming traffic while antivirus protects your system from malicious files internally.


Secure work from home - 5 Tips To Keep Cyber Attacks At Bay

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Are you working from home then this article is for you to secure your work. Here are some tips to keep in mind while working from home to secure your work.


Antivirus Apps To Download - The best of 2020 | DroidTechKnow

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Antivirus is a program designed to helps your system to keep healthy and secure.  It protects your system against malicious software like trojans, worms, adware, and more.


10 Best Free VPN Apps For iPhones and iPad In 2020

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A complete analysis is made about the top 10 best free VPN apps for iPhones and iPad with the information regarding the best features, security, reliability, and much more.


10 Best Private Search Engines That Do Not Track You Like Google

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Here is a list of 10 best private search engines that do not track you. DuckDuckGo, Searx, Swisscows, Qwant, mojeek, Oscobo, Gibiru, MetaGer, Search Encrypt


Best Tools To Protect Your Online Privacy In 2021 And Why They Are Important

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Here are some best tools and tips you can use to keep yourself protected. These tools will secure your privacy while surfing the internet.


10 Best Privacy Apps for Android and iOS Devices

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Here are the 10 best privacy apps that can improve the privacy of your mobile devices and you will be free from risks revolving around online activities.


Google Drive vs. Dropbox vs. Onedrive: Which One Is Better

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Google Drive vs Dropbox vs OneDrive: Which One is Better? Analysis on the basis of Cost, Storage, File Sync, File Sharing and Security. The winner is....


Tips To Consider When Creating a Website For Your Business 

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For this creating a website is the most effective and cost-efficient way. So, while you are creating a website for your business, work on these key points to get the best result.


The Need And Importance Of Dynamic Watermarks In PDF

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PDF watermark provides you the safety and security of your PDF files over the internet. Sensitive files and documents that need to be shared both internally and externally must be safeguarded with a level of security 


Few Easy Steps That Will Make Your PC Protected From all Data Threats

tips-and-tricks Sheldon Payne

Nowadays, there is no absolute security and no one can guarantee you 100% security of your computer and data, but by following the protection guidelines, you can significantly increase the level of security of your computer and protect yourself from the loss of valuable data.


5 Ways to Keep Your WhatsApp Chats Private and More Secure

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Though WhatsApp chats are end-to-end encrypted, there are some settings that you can tweak to enhance your data privacy and security, here are 5 such ways.


How to Hide your Online Activity Status on Instagram

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To hide your Instagram online activity, go to settings > privacy and security >activity status. Next, disable the show activity status checkbox.