10 Best Reddit Alternatives That You Should Try In 2023


Reddit is a popular social media platform that serves as a news aggregator and a discussion website. It has almost 1.5 billion monthly active users and millions of communities or subreddits where discussion on several topics like tech, finance, news, games, etc. takes place.

Almost all of us have visited the Reddit website at least once while searching for our queries online and that’s why there is no doubt why Reddit has been so a prevalent discussion platform. However, if you are an old Reddit user who wants to try something new or if you’re looking for a discussion or new aggregation websites then this article is for you in which we have enlisted the 10 best Reddit alternatives of 2023 where you can read news, join your favorite communities and participate in discussions on various topics.

List of 10 Best Reddit Alternative Platforms

1. Quora

Quora app

Founded in 2009, Quora is a popular QnA website where you can ask questions on any topic you want and if you feel qualified enough, you can answer the questions asked by other Quora members as well. The platform is more like Google than Reddit, but it’s one of the best alternatives to Reddit if you are looking to grow your world’s knowledge and information.

Quora has an amazing community of over 300 million users and they possess good expertise and experience in various subjects including social, personal, and professional fields. From world, politics, and technology to education, art, and tutorials you can find discussions on any topic and just Like Reddit, you can Upvote, downvote, share, comment, and bookmark posts on Quora.

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2. Discord

Discord app

Discord was initially founded for the gaming community so that they could communicate while playing games online, but due to immense popularity, Discord has expanded itsservice and now it’s one of the best places where you can join different communities of your interest and create your own as well.

Discord creates a sense of togetherness in people as they talk and discuss topics with community members and build good memories. You can even communicate on voice or video calls and stay connected with your friends. It has an invite-only optionthat allows only selected members to join your server. Discord has over 150 million active users and an end number of active and engaging communities. So from gaming, art, learning, etc., join the community where you feel you belong and dive into interesting discussions.

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3. Lemmy

Lemmy website

Lemmy is a self-hosted open-source social news aggregation and discussion platform founded in the year 2019. It’s a popular link aggregator for the fidverse. You can either join a server or run a server of your own. Being an open-source platform, Lemmy doesn’t annoy you with ads or tracks you, and in Fidverse you can join and chat with different communities which are present on different servers.

There are various communities like that of programmers, memers, gamers, news, and many more. The functioning of Lemmy is very similar to Reddit, and they have mobile apps available for both Android and iOS devices.

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4. Slashdot

Slashdot app

Slashdot is another one of the profound Reddit alternatives. It’s a social news platform with a tagline “News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters” where you can post or read stories on different topics like science, entertainment, technology, open source, and many more.Just like Reddit, Slashdot users can post stories that can be commented on and upvoted by the community.

The website features different tabs that include Polls, Jobs, Software, and Apparel section where you can buy their merchandise. The interface of the website is good and easy to navigate as you can read stories by day of the week. So scroll through or search for the news that you want to read from different sources and explore the comment section to know others’ opinions.

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5. Hacker News

Hacker News app

Funded by Y Combinator, Hacker News popularly abbreviated as HN is a news-sharing website dedicated to news and articles related mostly to science, technology, and startups. So if you are a technophile who likes to dive into techs related articles then, HN stands out to be a remarkable alternative to Reddit that you can go for. It looks similar to early versions of Reddit and the top menu bar contains new and old articles, ask section, show section, jobs, and submit section.

They have upvote, downvote, and reposting features and you can calm your curiosity by discussing news in the comment section. Though HN mostly consists of tech-based content, you can also find off-the-topic posts including politics, sports, celebrities, world news, etc.

You can visit their official website to post or read out tech news

6. 9GAG

9GAG app

Out of all the websites mentioned in this article, 9GAG is one of the most fun social media platforms dedicated to memes and funny content. It is similar to Reddit where you can upvote, downvote, comment, and shareposts. So if you want to take a break from Reddit or just want to experience something new, then definitely check out 9GAG for good laughs and passing the time.

There are loads of different topics to explore including anime, memes, animals, sports, gaming, the latest news, and so on. It has a separate section for top posts, trending posts, andfresh ones that you can share with your friends. 9GAG isa great social platform that has unlimited funny and amazing posts with a creative community.

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7. Imgur

Imgur app

Unlike Reddit where we mostly have discussions starting and ending with texts, Imgur is an image-sharing platform with an engaging and gossipy comment section. Though Imgur is different from Reddit, it still can be used as an alternative to it because most of the images on subreddits have images sourced from Imgur which undoubtedly makes this platform a vast library of memes, entertaining, informative, and many otherinteresting images. In Imgur, you can search for images based on tags and categories, upvote images that you think deserve much more attention, andwrite down your thoughts in the comment section.

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8. Hive

Hive Blog

Hive is a decentralized blockchain based on Web3. It’s a fast, scalable, and powerful technology and over the years this cryptocurrency has built a good ecosystem consisting of several apps and communities. One of their projects is Hive Blog which is a social community platform where people can share posts on various topics including sports, entertainment, technology, news, and many more.

Hive Blog is owned and operated by its users where you can read and write posts, comment on them, share them, and upvote them. You can explore communities based on their ranks and subscribers and on top of that Hive offers a Dark theme as well to make your reading experience more comfortable. So it’s a good Reddit alternative that you can consider.

9. Product Hunt

Product Hunt app

Whenever we plan to buy a new software or a product, we come across the dilemma to pick the best one and some of us might have posted questions regarding this on different forums or platforms like Reddit. So to ease your task to pick the best product in the market and clear your doubt, Product Hunt is a perfect website. As the name suggests, you can find the latest products, their descriptions, and the most important thing i.e. their rankings which is based on the upvotes of people. The votes make it easy for us to trust the product. There are several categories of products and Product Hunt also has a Discussion page where you can take part in discussions on various topics and products.

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10. Digg

Digg app

Digg is an online news aggregator website that gathers the hottest ongoing topic regarding politics, social issues, the internet, science, and technology all around the world and presents the min an effective way. So if you like to know about the latest happenings in the world then you can head over to Digg. It covers a wide range of topics like sports, culture,science, finance, relationship, and many more which you can share on other social media platforms like Facebook. You can join different groups or communities that post on a specific subject like news, finance, Blockchain, freelance, etc.

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