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Along with the expansion of the internet and widespread usage of online services, there has also been a surge in identity theft, hacking, and other cybercrime incidents which is a sober reminder for us that even strong passwords alone can fail to safeguard our accounts that behold sensitive and personal data. This creates a need for enhanced security options and 2FA is a perfect solution to it.

2FA stands for Two-factor Authentication. It’s a security feature that adds an additional factor such as codes, prompts, fingerprint, etc. besides our passwords to double verify our authenticity. If you have taken the decision to embrace 2FA, the next step is to choose the right authentication app. But, no need to deep dive into the search for the best one as in this article, we have enlisted the 5 best Authenticator apps for 2023.

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List of 5 Best Two-Factor Authentication Apps

1. Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator app

Microsoft Authenticator is one of the best. authentication app to add an extra layer of security to your accounts and online platforms like Amazon, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Microsoft Authenticator prioritises your security without compromising your convenience to sign in to different accounts. Along with 2FA, this app also supports MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) and CBA (Certificate Based Authentication) security features and has TOTP (Time Based One Time Password) that changes every 30 seconds. Just enable 2FA on all your different accounts and add them to Microsoft Authenticators. It will easily generate security codes at the time of sign-in.


  • Autofill your passwords

  • Backup your credentials

  • Industry-standard TOTP

  • Supports Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Supports Cert-based authentication

  • Choose from Face ID, PIN, and Fingerprint as the second factor

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2. Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator app

When it comes to ease of use, Google Authenticator is probably the best two-factor authentication app to streamline the security of your accounts. You can configure Google Authenticator seamlessly with a QR code and it also gives you an option to switch between time-based and counter-based code generation. It works well even without a network connection and you can back up your authentication codes to your Gmail account which makes it accessible even if you lose your phone. Moreover, Google Authenticator allows you to export and import codes to/from devices using QR codes.


  • Cloud syncing

  • Easy setup with QR code

  • Light and dark mode

  • Works without network connection

  • Export and import accounts with QR codes

  • Time-based & counter-based code generation

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3. Twilio Authy Authenticator

Twilio Authy Authenticator

Secure your accounts from unauthorised access with Twilio Authy, a trusted Authentication app endorsed by companies like Coinbase, BitGo, etc. The app has an appealing interface with a grid view and easy-to-copy 2FA tokens. It has multi-device synchronisation features that seamlessly sync your accounts to another device after adding it. It works offline and supports 8-digit tokens and Multi-Factor Authentication for various websites like Facebook, Amazon, Gmail, etc. Twilio Authy offers encrypted backups to your accounts and also uses standard algorithms to protect your data.


  • Encrypted cloud backup

  • Multi-device synchronisation

  • Works with network connection

  • Can be used to protect crypto wallets

  • Supports Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Inbuilt app lock with PIN, fingerprint, or Face ID

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4. LastPass Authenticator

LastPass Authenticator app

LastPass Authenticator is another great app for using the two-step authentication service. It supports several platforms and offers a secure cloud syncing feature to back up your added accounts and access them on other devices. Along with 2FA and MFA, LastPass Authenticator also comes with an autofill password and password generator, giving you a smooth login experience without lowering the security standards. Like other authenticator apps, LastPass also generates 6-digit codes every 30 seconds and can be easily configured using a QR code. Additionally, LastPass comes with notification prompt features that allow you to approve access with a single tap on your phone.


  • Secure cloud backup

  • Standard 6-digit TOTP

  • Auto setup using QR code

  • Can send SMS codes for sign-in

  • Supports Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Autofill Passwords & password generator

  • Notification prompt for one-tap approval

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5. 2FA Authenticator

2FA Authenticator app by 2FAS

2FA Authenticator is another great app to fortify your accounts. This open-source community-driven authenticator supports both 2FA and MFA and gives you the convenience of securing and managing all your account sign-ins effortlessly. If you prefer anonymity, then you can go with 2FA, as you don’t require any 2FA account to use it. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows you to switch between TOTP and HOTP (Hash-based One Time Password) code generation methods. And top of that, To keep your tokens safe, you can back up them on the cloud and restore them whenever needed. 2FA Authenticator’s transparency and simplicity make it a unique and handy app.


  • Cloud syncing

  • Supports TOTP & HOTP

  • No account is required to use

  • Home screen widgets

  • Works without network connection

  • 2FAS Browser Extension available

  • Open-source and community-driven

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