10 Best Automatic Wallpaper Changer Apps For Android


In this fast-paced world, everyone is constantly running around the clock with their hectic schedules. Whether it’s rushing to work, delivering deadlines, or simply planning dinner, work-life balance can sometimes get overwhelming. In this scenario, our phone is that device that has become an inseparable part of our lives as almost everything is managed and co-ordinated via our phones. And in our hustle to manage and organize our lives this same device aids us in more than one way. Yes, I am hinting at how we outsource our day-to-day doings with the help of our phones as opposed to the well-known business practice. For instance, we have an alarm clock to wake us up early in the morning, a digital notepad to articulate our thoughts, and likewise.

Similarly, this article has got you all covered to browse, explore and make use of the finest Automatic wallpaper changer apps from the lot for Android phones. Selecting and setting up a wallpaper whether on the lock screen or home screen is a dreary task as the variety is expanse and therefore an Automatic wallpaper changer app helps users outsource this task as well. Below 10 apps have been chosen from the variety of wallpaper apps for all Android users.

List of 10 Best Automatic Wallpaper changer Apps for Android

1. Auto Wallpaper Changer

Auto Wallpaper Changer

With Auto wallpaper changer your mobile desktop will have a makeover change almost every day. It automatically and swiftly changes your mobile desktop background in a matter of seconds. You can also personalize your favorites into a single folder and have them slide through your mobile screen effortlessly whenever you wish.


  • Can set up a time frequency to change Google wallpapers automatically.

  • The transition time between two images/ wallpapers can be selected too.

  • A HD wallpaper download section to choose from.

  • Customize your wallpapers by applying effects.

  • With its auto-change shuffle feature, images can be added to the gallery.

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2. Tapet


Tapet’s high-quality background generation gives an enticing look to your mobile screen instantaneously. You are provided with options to either select or let the app do the work for you on an hourly or daily basis. Wallpapers are created according to your device’s screen resolution. This app also does not entertain downloading baggage from the internet.


  • A wide range of colour palettes to choose from with the option to customize.

  • Patterns can appear based on your preferences.

  • Autosave when applied

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3. Walpy- wallpapers

Walpy- wallpapers

If you are tired of keeping a particular wallpaper for your mobile screens then the Walpy wallpapers app is the pick for you. You can enjoy a new wallpaper every day with no fixed time alarms. Walpy wallpapers with their beautiful transitions and sleek designs already provided to us require minimal effort or brainstorming on the user’s part.


  • The app figures out when is the best time to change the wallpaper.

  • Some well-thought-of wallpapers are curated beautifully and plentifully.

  • The app warrants praise for the credits given to photographers who actually took the pictures.

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4. Wallpaper Changer for Reddit

Wallpaper changer for reddit

If uninterested in searching for specific wallpapers then we’ve got just the right pick for you, Wallpaper changer for Reddit is an automatic wallpaper changer that is heavily customizable with a variety of albums to choose from. With the option to schedule and re-schedule on an hourly to daily basis, the app needs very little attention and does most of what’s demanded from you in the background. The images chosen are hardly repeated and at the same time, it randomly selects the best one for you. Mentioned below are some of its features that stand out:


  • The app auto-updates your phone’s background.

  • Because of the huge diversity in the collection of wallpapers, if the picked wallpaper doesn’t suit your interest you can easily change it by a simple movement of your fingers.

  • The app also presents an automatic slideshow on the mobile’s desktop.

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5. Daily Bing Wallpapers

Daily Bing Wallpapers

Daily Bing Wallpaper offers you wallpapers that are simple, unique yet eye-catching and the app seamlessly works behind the curtains to deliver the best background setup for your phones. The freshness of the pictures will instantly light up the mood of the users. It provides for a full-screen preview to set and reset according to the user’s choices. Given below are the features of this automatic wallpaper changer app:


  • Great feedback mechanism system that runs around the clock to provide the best experience for the app users.

  • No battery drainage.

  • It works in multiple regions and produces new wallpaper daily.

  • It also enables light or dark modes as per mobile settings.

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6. Casualis- Auto wallpaper change


With Casualis you can now set a wallpaper by just a simple shake or a widget. From applying effects to the unique wallpapers to your heart’s content to downloading and adding your favorites for future use, this app has got your phone’s desktops’ back. The apps import images section allows us to choose our wallpapers from our galleries as well.


  • The app will automatically change your wallpaper on both the home screen and lock screen after activating the auto section.

  • Colorful and abstract designs are beautifully selected.

  • It is a lightweight app.

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7. Google Wallpapers

Google Wallpaper

From abstract designs to nature landscapes, Google Wallpapers enables its users to navigate through the various categories of wallpapers like a breeze. The users can access images from Google Earth and Google+. The Google wallpaper provides a very simple and minimalist UI that makes it one of the best automatic wallpaper changer app for Android.


  • Daily wallpaper.

  • Various categories to choose from.

  • Can preview and position your wallpaper before setting it.

  • Can enlarge and move the photo to the exact size one wants.

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8. Auto Change Wallpaper

Auto change wallpaper

Looking for an app that gives an enticing look to phone screens with a fully automated timer, then Auto change wallpaper is what you should prefer. The app moves swiftly and automatically to update your phone’s background wallpaper. Check out some amazing features of this automatic wallpaper changer app:


  • Diversity of albums to choose from.

  • Can schedule the app to change the wallpaper at a specific time of the day.

  • Live wallpaper setting and scaling of wallpaper sizes.

  • Photo view interface.

  • Optimized app performance.

  • Allows the users to pick the specific path and sub-folder location to draw from.

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9. Everyday Wallpaper Changer

Everyday Wallpaper Changer

Your task for setting up a wallpaper will now be simple, fast, and light with Everyday Wallpaper Changer. This automatic wallpaper changer app has an ultimate collection of HD wallpapers from various categories to choose from. These elegant HD wallpapers are exclusive and easy to explore. The app’s key features are as follows:


  • 4K wallpapers completely free.

  • Daily updates of HD wallpapers.

  • Lots of features to personalize your automatic wallpaper experience, and many more.

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10. Zedge


Zedge is that versatile wallpaper app that brings customization to the users’ fingertips. Zedge allows users to explore their creative abilities by generating wallpapers with the help of words and phrases. It is easy to use and can create video wallpapers too. One can also explore thousands of talented creators. The app’s key features are as follows:


  • Words and phrases can be turned into picture-perfect wallpapers with the Zedge pAInt AI system.

  • An endless selection of wallpapers that can be filtered.

  • Live wallpapers and many more.

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