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In today’s digital era, everyone spends a noticeable time browsing online and wants a fast, reliable, and secure internet connection. But Oftentimes we see that even though our internet or WiFI has good speed, the websites load very slowly. This happens mostly because of some issues with our ISP (Internet Service Providers). So, in that case, changingthe DNS server can improve internet speed and lower the ping time. This can be done through DNS changer apps. These apps provide various DNS servers and help us to connect any of them. Changing DNS servers can also enhance your privacy and safety from unwanted elements online. So with all such benefits of DNS changer apps we have listed the 10 best of them for Android that are available on Google Playstore. Pick your favorites and enhance your browsing experience.

1. DNS Changer (ByMega Fortuna)

DNS Changer by Mega Fortuna

DNS Changer is the best DNS app available on Play Store to change the DNS address on your phone. It simplifies the process of changing your DNS and enables you to assess the speed of DNS servers effortlessly. This user-friendly app functions without the need for root access and is compatible with both WiFi and mobile network data connections. By altering your device’s DNS address, DNS Changer ensures that your connection speed remains unaffected. With just a single touch, you can discover the fastest DNS server available and seamlessly connect to it.


  1. Connect to the fastest DNS servers

  2. VPN service and DNS speed test

  3. Find the fastest DNS server based on your location & network

  4. Improve the loading time of websites

  5. Reduce ping time and enhance the gaming experience

  6. No root required

  7. Works with both WiFi and cellular connection

  8. Use preconfigured or custom DNS list

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2. Change DNS Server (By Techno Information)

Change DNS Server

The Change DNS Server app provides a hassle-free solution for altering your DNS server settings without requiring root access. By changing your default DNS provider, you can gain access to websites that may be restricted at the DNS level. Additionally, the app offers a DNS Speed Test feature that enables you to identify and connect to the fastest DNS server based on your location and network conditions. You can even add your custom DNS server as well.The app can help you to fix latency in online games and enhance your browsing experience.


  1. Supports IPv4 and IPv6 DNS

  2. Works with both WiFi and cellular connection

  3. No root required

  4. Access websites restricted at the DNS level

  5. DNS speed test to connect to the fastest DNS server

  6. Can reduce latency in online games

  7. Can reduce the load time of websites

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3. Net Optimizer (By Mega Fortuna)

Net Optimizer Optimize Ping

Net Optimizer is another great app by Mega Fortuna that comes with DNS changing feature. This app is supposed to optimize your internet connection with various tools and one such tool is DNS changer.You can effortlessly find and connect to the fastest DNS server to enhance your browsing experience. The app supports a wide range of DNS servers, including Cloudflare, Level3, Verisign, Google, DNS Watch, Comodo Secure, OpenDNS, SafeDNS, OpenNIC, SmartViper, Dyn, FreeDNS, Alternate DNS, and more. So by selecting the fastest server based on your location, you can significantly accelerate your browsing speed.


  1. One-touch network optimization

  2. Connect to a fast DNS server based on location

  3. DNS speed test to find the fastest DNS

  4. Supports over 15 DNS server

  5. Works for both WiFi and cellular network

  6. Improve browsing speed

  7. Reduces network latency and ping time

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4. + WARP (By Cloudflare Inc.)

WARP by Cloudflare

Experience an enhanced internet connection withthe + WARP app. This powerful tool replaces your ISP DNS server with Cloudflare’s secure DNS server,, elevating your online experience to new heights. Not only does the app ensure a more secure and private connection, but it also improves network speed for seamless browsing. With comprehensive protection against cyber threats such as malware, phishing sites, and spyware, this app is great to be used by familymembers.


  1. Easy to use

  2. Connect to fast DNS of Cloudflare

  3. Optimized protocol

  4. Encrypts outgoing traffic

  5. Security against malware sites

  6. Improves network speed

  7. Enhances browsing and gaming experience

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5. DNS Changer(ByProtectstar Inc.)

DNS Changer by Protectstar

With a simple touch, the DNS Changerapp automatically identifies and connects to the fastest DNS server, resulting in improved network performance. It doesn’t requireroot access and caters to both WiFi and mobile data connections. You have the option to choose from a list of available DNS servers or set a custom DNS of your preference.Some special DNS servers are available that can remove ads,while some parental control serverscan ensuresafe browsing for your family, filtering out inappropriate websites.


  1. Find the fastest DNS servers

  2. Select apps individually

  3. Over 20 DNS servers

  4. Enhance browsing and gaming experience

  5. Works without requiring root access

  6. Works with both WiFi and cellular connection

  7. Detailed info. and visual tracking map

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6. DNS Changer(By AppPlanex)

DNS Changer By AppPlanex

DNS Changer is another decent app that comes with a DNS speed test to let you connect with the fastest DNS servers. You can choose from their available DNS servers which include CleanBrowsing, Cloudflare DNS, Quad9, UncensoredDNs, and many more or you can add your custom DNS server as well. Like other apps mentioned above, this too works seamlessly for both WiFi and cellular data connection without rooting your phone.


  1. Completely ad-free

  2. Works without root

  3. Access real-time network graphs and other info.

  4. Supports both IPv4 and IPv6 DNS

  5. Use preconfigured DNS servers or add your own

  6. Select apps manually

  7. Works for mobile network data and WiFi

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7. Trust DNS Resolver (By Surfshark B.V.)

Trust DNS Resolver By Surfshark

Trust DNS Resolver is still in development but you can definitely try it out. The app has an amazing UI with an aesthetic feel. It offers a long list of DNS servers with 4 different categories which are Secure servers, Parental Control servers, NoFilter servers, and Malware Protection servers. So you can choose any of them as per your needs. The app works fine with both WiFi and mobile network and offers over 100 different DNS servers to choose from.


  1. User-friendlyinterface

  2. Secure servers

  3. Parental Control servers

  4. Malware Protection servers

  5. NoFilter servers

  6. One tap DNS change

  7. Works without root

  8. Add custom DNS servers

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8. DNSChanger (By Frostnerd)

DNSChanger By Frostnerd

The DNSChanger app offers an easy way to change your DNS settings, supporting various connections such as WIFI, mobile, Ethernet,IPv54, and IPv6. With a high level of customization and numerous features, this app allows you to connect to different DNS servers without root by creating a VPN connection locally. It efficiently manages resources, ensuring minimal impact on battery life and consuming very little RAM.


  1. Supports IPv4 and IPv6 DNS

  2. Works with both WiFi and cellular connection

  3. No root required

  4. Add your own DNS servers

  5. Exclude apps from applying DNS server

  6. Very low utilization of resources

  7. Create shortcuts on the home screen

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9. Secure DNS(By Star Internet Services)

Secure DNS By Star Internet Services

Make your internet connection faster and more secure with the Secure DNS by Star Internet Services. The app helps you to enhance your internet connectivity by connecting you to popular and fast public DNS servers like Google DNS, Quad9, Cloudflare, and many more. The app features DNSFLEX secure DNS services and offers you two types of security. The first one is Parental Control which blocks adult sites and enables safe search across different search engines while and the second one is malware and virus protection which blocks malware sites and online threats to harm your device.


  1. No ads or in-app purchases

  2. Parental Control

  3. Virus/malware protection

  4. Works without root

  5. Standard and encrypted DNS

  6. Speed test tools

  7. Can add custom DNS servers

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10. Rethink (By Celzero)


Rethink is a two-in-one app with a DNS changer and Firewall. It is open source, safe and fast. You can change your DNS server, block apps from the internet using a firewall, check the network activity of installed apps, monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic, and many more. The app also offers anti-censorship and anti-surveillance features.


  1. Increase network speed

  2. works with both WiFi and mobile network

  3. Anonymity with TOr and DNSCrypt

  4. Block apps from the internet using a firewall

  5. Check the network activity of apps

  6. Browse securely

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