How to Download Instagram Reels Audio as MP3


In today’s digital era, people have high engagement on social media platforms. With the introduction of the Reels feature, Instagram has undergone immensepopularity and high user engagement. Instagram reels have enabled vloggers, meme pages, celebrities, andeveryperson to create a wide range of short videos on different topics and express their feelings.

It often happens that sometimes, while scrolling reels we encounter some great captivating audio tracks that we wish we could save it offline for personal use and future fun, but unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have the audio downloading feature available right now. Butdon’t be bothered, as in this article we shall guide you on how to download Instagram reels audio as MP3 both from your phone and desktop.

How to Download Instagram Reels Audio as MP3

Though Instagram doesn’t allow users to download audio tracks from the app itself, there are various websites available online that we can use to download any reels audio we want. All we need to do is to paste the audio link there and the website will generate the downloadable link.

Download Audio from Instagram Reel (Phone)

  1. Open the Instagram app on your phone.

  2. Go to the reel whose audio file you want to download and click on the audio name at the bottom of that reel.

  3. On the source audio page, click on the three dots at the top right corner and then click on Copy link at the bottom.
    open instagram app

  4. Now that you have copied the reel audio link from the Instagram app,youneed to visit a website where you can download that audio as MP3, so for that, first open Chrome or any other browser on your phone.

  5. Then click on the address bar.

  6. Visit the following website:
    Google Chrome

  7. Now paste the copied link in the box and then click on Search.

  8. The website will fetch the reel audio file which you can downloadas MP3 format by clicking on Download Audio.

  9. After the download completes you can find the audio in your phone storage.
    save audio

Download Audio from Instagram Reel (Desktop)

  1. On your desktop, open Chrome or any other browser and go to the Instagram website.
    instagram website

  2. After you find the reel whose audio you want to save, click on the audio name at the bottom.
    instagram reel audio

  3. You will then land on the source audio page, so copy the audio file link from the address bar.
    copy audio link

  4. Open a new tab and visit the following website: and then paste the link that you have copied in the box and click on the Search button.
    instavideosave website

  5. Now click on the Download Audio to download the reel audio file as MP3.
    download audio as mp3