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June 06, 2020 18899 Shreya

Are you looking for the best projectors? Is your budget under Rs. 5000? Then you’ve arrived at the best place to find them. We have mentioned the best projectors under 5000 including mini projectors, portable projectors, compact projectors, and others. Keep reading to know more!By the end of this post, I am sure you will be able to select the best projector for yourself. Now we know that watching HD quality is fun so we’ve also mentioned the best 4K projector in the Indian market.

We’ve come up with 8 best projectors under 5000 available in the Indian market. These Projectors give us the experience of a movie theatre at your home. Not surprisingly, demand for projectors is increasing day by day. There are numerous brands in the market selling good quality projectors. Hence, it must not be easy to figure out the best projector that will serve your purpose. Do not worry, we’re here to help!

We’ll see the specs with pros/cons. We’ll guide you. Depending on your requirements, you can pick the best projector for yourself. We have a buying guide. Then many FAQs are for help. It will help you pick easily. Let’s start. Keep reading to the end.

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List of the best projectors under 5000 in India

1. SEC YG300 mini projector | The best 4K projector

SEC YG300 mini projector picture

SEC YG300 mini projector is the first in our best projectors under 5000 list. This is a type of mini projector. It has a pop of yellow color which gives an aesthetic look to it. It is highly portable and can be easily carried anywhere. Now having BBQ parties or watching cricket would be fun.

You get an unrealistic 30000 hours of lamp life. Also, the inbuilt speakers have great sound quality. A 1080p resolution is good. Pairing with USB/HDMI/ AV is easy. Has a grand 60′ display. It is also thebest 4k projector. It has a remote controller, rewind/play/OK buttons which are useful, power key on the top.It comes with a 6 monthswarrantyon manufacturing defects.

Customers love this projector and Amazon as well rates it very highly on its website. This is the best projector in India that you can get under 5000.It isnotablypriced at Rs 3999 only!

Key features:

  1. 16 M colors.

  2. Low-cost

  3. An SD card slot.

  4. Sharp colors even in the dark.


Brand: SEC


Weight: 290 g


  1. No eye strain.

  2. LCD view.

  3. Full HD display.


  1. Need an adapter for the phone link.

  2. No batteries.

  3. Heating issue.

Buy it from Amazon

2. UNIC Uc30 Projector

UNIC Uc30 Projector picture

Unic is another popular brand of projectors. They make the best projectors for home theatre in India. Their less expensive products also have good reviews. This LED-based projector first came in 2016. It has been a major hit.

The device is quite unique. At first look itself, it seems shiny & stylish. The panels are made of plastic. It also has Play/ pause & on/off keys. It has an AC input, can link to PC and laptop easily. It also has many pairing options, a focus dial on the top. Also, the control keys are on the front side.

Enjoy watching movies on the big screen comfortably. This is one of the best projector under 5000 if you’re someone who wants more features in less budget.

A white color model is currently in stock on Amazon. Its price is Rs 3999.

Key features:

  1. HDMI link option.

  2. Low-cost device.

  3. USB, VGA, HDMI pairing.


Brand: Unic

Model: UNC18

Weight: 1.1 kg


  1. Low-cost device.

  2. Lamp repair.

  3. Many link options.

  4. No battery needed.


  1. Settled quality.

  2. Corded device.

  3. No Bluetooth.

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3. Myra Q1 home projector

Myra Q1 home projector picture

This is the most sold projector on Amazon. It is amongst the best projectors for home use. The home cinema experience is vivid and it surprisinglyhas a chic shape. There is one power button on top. However, there are not many buttons available on the top side. Hence, it’s not suitable for office use.

It has an ideal aspect ratio of 16:9 which is better than other options. Hence, it’s a value for money. The lens needs extra care. The device is bulky too. That’s why it is the best projector for home use only.

The display is vibrant & sharp. Lamp life is of 20000 hours. Besides that, it comes with a one-year warranty on purchase. It has an AV source as well. It can be paired easily with HDMI/USB/AV. Its ease of use and lots of features makes this projector is the best projectors under 5000 list. You can buy this projector for Rs. 4999.

Key features:

  1. Color fixing.

  2. Vivid 120″ display.

  3. Inbuilt LED bulb.


Brand: Myra

Model: Q1

Weight: 2.12 Kg


  1. Full HD view.

  2. High contrast image.


  1. No wifi.

  2. No lens cap.

  3. Auto-off.

Buy it from Amazon

4. TEQIN portable projector

TEQIN portable projector picture

This projector has a robust and powerful look. It is also one of the best projectors for home in India and is an Amazon hit.

It has its own unique features such as energy-saving mode, no eye strain tech, it can link with devices such as DVD/ mobile/ PC/ camera easily. You can play from gaming console too.

It is light in weight & compact and thus carrying it anywhere is easy. It comes with an open audio jack and also with a lens cap. This greatly adds to its longevity. The device looks bulky. However, it has many keys on the top panel. Using this projector is quite easy for anyone.

This is why it is considered one of the best portable projectors in India.

In the box, you get a remote with wires. An adapter is also in the box. No warranty is by the maker sadly. Well, online black colour stock costs RS 4345.

Key features:

  1. Full 16M colors.

  2. A 16:9 aspect ratio.

  3. 2000 hours of lamp life.


Brand: Teqin

Model: ZXT-ZSIN-TEQIN-CE-4.26-95

Weight: 1 kg

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5. Unic Mini Projector – One of the best 4K projector

Unic Mini Projector picture

As we’ve already quoted, Unic brand is quite popular in India and lists in the top 5 projector brands in India. Remote control comes with the device.

The primary control keys are on the top of the panel. There is also a LED indicator on it for ease of use. This is the best mini projector in India currently.The projector lens is mount inside a stainless steel mesh. It is compatible with almost all devices. A 3D support on this device makes it look very appealing. It has been provided with a manual focus scroller.

It works best with 60 inches screen however for smaller projectors, it gives an above-average performance.Also, a 4:3 projection ratio is usually achievable. The design isn’t very premium. The full HD display makes it the best 4K projector in India.

However, the device does have some heating issues, video playback may cause lags, there’s no inbuilt battery.

The device is up for grabs in grey color. It sells for INR 2800 online. Overall, this is a good buy and is one of the best projector under 5000 available in India.

Key features:

  1. Projector Type: HD with an LED Chipset.

  2. 1920*1080 pixel video resolution.

  3. Full HD display.


Brand: Unic.

Model: UC 200.

Weight: 599 grams.


  1. An inexpensive device.

  2. Easy to carry.

  3. Assured a 1year warranty.

  4. LCD


  1. The design doesn’t look premium.

  2. Settled quality.

Buy it from Amazon

6. Jogs traders mini projector & portable projector

Jogs traders mini projector picture

This model is an LED projector. It is compact & handy and carrying it is quite easy. We’ll have a look at its features because of which it is in our best projectors under 5000 list.

Firstly, it has a white plastic body with a yellow design giving it a fresh look. It’s easy to link with many devices and also has many options for connectivity. It can also pair with SD/PC/laptop etc.

You’ll get a remote controller, required cables, and a user manual inside the box. An audio jack is present in it and Soft-touch keys are on the top side too.Also, a dial key adds to ease of use.The size of the device is small, but the display is vast. You can also use it for gaming. It has a filter-free setup.

It is one of the best mini projectors available on Amazon.

Key features:

  1. Full HD display.

  2. Many connectivity options.

  3. 3200 lumens.


Brand: Jog Traders

Model no: YG300

Weight: 700 grams


  1. Stylish looks.

  2. Vivid colors.


  1. Heating problem

Buy it from Amazon

7. SVE Super home theater projector

SVE Super home theater projector picture

This is one of the best projectors for home theatre. It comes with a lens cap that other projectors don’t offer and hence has a longer life.

A full HD display makes this device almost perfect. In the box, you get remote, and an adapter. The projection will not strain your eyes. Power savings mode is an add-on.HDMI, USB ports are given for connectivity however here is no focus dial. Then the aspect ratio is customizable too.There is a vent on all sides. You can carry the device anywhere. It works outdoors and indoors.

At such a low price, there is no compromise with the product quality. It surely deserves a place in the best projectors under 5000 list.

It is currently available in white color on Amazon for Rs 3533.

Key features:

  1. A 1080p display.

  2. Customizable aspect ratio.

  3. 20000 hours lamp life.


Brand: SVE

Model no: SVE Super

Weight: 898 grams


  1. Lens cap.

  2. Handy device.

  3. Full HD display.


  1. No wifi.

  2. No Bluetooth.

  3. No battery.

Buy it from Amazon

8. Metstyle 5000 best budget projector

Metstyle 5000 best budget projector picture

This projector is highly suitable for daily use. You can use it with or without a cord very easily. It has a full HD display too. With this, you can have the experience of a movie theatre at your home.

It has a range of 5 meters and doesn’t limit the display and functions without any lags.

It also comes with 3D support. It weighs only 399 grams which makes it very easy to carry anywhere you want. It comes with a tiny focus dial on the top and also with HDMI ports. It has soft-touch buttons hence you can control device playback easily. Its ease of use and features makes it in our best projectors under 5000 list. We highly recommend this projector.

Key features:

  1. A 5m display.

  2. Wifi connectivity.

  3. A 5m range.


Brand: Metstyle

Model no: 5000

Weight: 399 grams.


  1. Lightweight device.

  2. Compact device.

  3. Low price.


  1. No Bluetooth.

  2. No remote.

  3. Minor lags.

  4. Flat design.

Buy it from Amazon

Our verdict:

Selecting the best projector that will match your requirements is not easy. We felt the need to come up with a comprehensive list that will make it easier for you to make an informed decision. We’velisted 8 best projectors under 5000 on Amazon right now. These are the best home theater projectors as well as best buy projectors in the market.

Also, all of themhave many connectivity options. Some work with wifi, while some work with wires. You have to pick which best suits you.

If you’re still confused, do not worry. We recommend 3 projectors from the above list.

You can go for UNIC Uc30 because of its robustness,Myra Q1 which is the best seller on Amazon or the SEC-YG projector.


1 What are projectors?

Projectors extend the display on a screen. The screen canbe a wall or a white panel.

2 Should I buy cheap projectors?

Yes, you can! We know everyone has distinct budgets. We found the best option for your budget (Check the list).

3 Should I look for a remote controller projector?

It depends on use. If you are buying for office, then get a remote one. Lastly, if you are buying for fun, get any projector.

4 What is the throw ratio?

It is the range of displays from your projector.

5 Does the lens cap matter?

It depends on use. If you are buying for rough use, a lens cap is a must. It is because it will impact the display.

6 Are batteries necessary for the projector?

If you get a mini projector, it is vital. It will decide how long your device runs. If you are buying a wired device, batteries are not necessary.

7 Define the aspect ratio?

The proportion of width to height defines the aspect ratio. It is the display size.

So we hope that now you’re confident about your decision about the best projector that will work for you.