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Shopping online is an addiction but it comes with a backdrop of putting your money in the wrong place and going through the hustle ordering and returning all over again. But everyone wants to be number one on style right? So focusing especially on these two criteria of fashion quotient and Quality, I have curated some of the most amazing high-in-fashion shopping websites from all over the world on this very page for you to have the best online shopping experience ever. Without further ado, let's hop in and find out the ones which I adore the most.

1. Shein

All things are specially curated to provide an ultimate shopping experience to woman all over the world. The products are sexy and edgy and marketed at great prices. Totally affordable and the quality is too at par. Personally, I order in bulk from Shein cause there's a trust quotient which now I have developed after repeated use. The items are stylish, quirky and trendy. You'll definitely have a wonderful experience shopping from here given that you are good at discovering your style. So to unravel the diva inside you and go nuts shopping at this fabulous site.

RATING: 4.5/5

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2. Fashion nova

Again an ultimate savior for curvy women in the sense of increasing their fashion quotient. It has just the right collection for all your occasions be it for any formal event or for a night out. It promises for you to look sexy and be the star of the party. The only constraint as I have felt is the charges of delivery which is levied as per the international standards which shoots up the article rates. Although it is 5 on 5 for fashion, I would rate it 3/5 as in overall experience.

RATING: 3/5 

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3. Next

This is also an American shopping site which provides the best shopping experience you would ever have. The quality of the clothes are unmatched and it has the best range of wearable attires for your daily affairs. I do agree that this as well is a bit pricey on the list but trust me if you just wanna try one site from the list, go for it. I so strongly recommend it because it has the best quality for even the simple and basic items and you would only know it when you try.

RATING: 4/5  

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4. Asos

An ace in fashion content this website has it all from swimwear to lingerie to even the sexiest outfit for parties. I am absolutely in love with it for the amazing product quality. Also, it has the best blogs for your fashion inspiration and these are unmatched in sourcing. Even if you are not in for shopping from here follow it for the blogs and articles that have the best style guide for all seasons, occasions and events. I can't emphasize how madly and truly I love the content of this website and am sure you would too. So go and check this out almost instantly.

RATING: 5/5 

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5. Pretty Little Things

Formerly a luxury shopping website but now Pretty Little Things caters to fit in the budget of even the middle-class public. A total 10 on 10 for the quality but the clothes and designs are a bit fancier than everyday wearable. Hence you have to be on the stylish and edgier side of the page to carry off the clothes from this domain. Personally, I am a big fan of the shoes and especially the heels collection but all other items are definitely at par. Go with it only if one, you wanna be experimental or two, it suits your personal style.

RATING: 3.5/5

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6. Macy's

Although they have recently started catering to even the Indian audience but the products are absolute American quality and built in. They have an exquisite range of products with a wide variety and unpaired quality, Added advantage they don't charge extra duty-in taxes and delivery at checkout. Now coming to fashion quotient the products. They do have very basic designs but again the quality gives it a classy edge and makes it look high-in fashion.I love using products from Macy's because it's like an all in one departmental store which has all international products.


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