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Dec 16, 2018 4549 Shreya Useful websites

Useful websites for students which are random yet will be helpful to you as a student at least once in your student life. Here's our recommendation. The student life is already draining and time-consuming, to say the least. We're not gonna list websites like CodeChef. We're in fact listing a few random websites that you can bookmark. We promise these will be helpful.


In student life, one is likely to experiment with a lot of methods of learning. Some like to sing it out loud, rhyme, create mnemonics. The smarter students cut down the creation time and work with what they have. One facility is to use flashcards! consists of millions of flashcards on hundreds of topics. The flashcards are created by students and professionals alike.

The topics range from archaeology, coding to mathematical formulas. You can use these like actual flashcards. You can reverse its sides, and practice your subject. You can also browse through popular flashcards and essay topics for an advanced learning experience.


A student creates at least 400, presentations, charts, tables in an entire learning process in a year combined. To speed up the process and get on board with technology, try this website. Get access to hundreds of layouts and template which are easy to use. Create stunning visual images for a paper that fetches A+ grade on assessment.

You can log in into your account using your student e-mail id, Facebook or Twitter and save work to access online from any device. You can also download your work as pdf, jpeg, png formats. `It's free to use. Some templates might require in-store purchase fee. You can also work as a team, ask your peers to collaborate on a project.


3. Passport photograph maker

Student life is living in a budget-friendly zone. Even getting a photograph clicked for some examination form is costly. We'll not very costly, but you gotta commute to the studio, pay the professional, and also eat while you're outside! duh. Create your own template to print in 3 easy steps. You don't need to learn photoshop to do this.

You can save up to 70% of all this fee if you have access to some glossy sheets and a printer in your library. allows you to duplicate images according to the sheet size, and number of prints you need in a sheet. Also, it works like magic as you can edit a picture to look like professionally taken with the help of its tools.


4. Audible

You must be familiar with this audio streaming and podcast hosting website. Also available as an application, this website gives you access to millions of audio documentaries, stories, teachings. Some lessons are learnt outside the books and this website will help you with it. On your everyday commute to college or before sleep, consider accessing this website. You will find productivity related playbacks which will bring you closer to your goal and keep you motivated. Give in 5 minutes every day to this activity and watch your leaning grow.

You can subscribe to weekly education podcasts, original stories, or take up a new language to learn. What's exciting is that you only have the audio to yourself- and the world of imagination is up to you to paint a story.


5. Wolfram Alpha

We can't emphasise enough on how mathematics is a first world problem for millions of students. We understand that a little help won't hurt and getting to the solution of a question can be tricky. With this website, you can enter your mathematical questions. This makes this website on the last but not the least "Useful websites".

The website's smart analytical tools with give you a step-by-step solution to the question. Some categories even provide you with a diagrammatic solution. Solve linear equations, trigonometry and more with easy guidance. It's free to use for the student community driven website.


Useful websites are subjective by the end of the day, as to which ones cater to your requirements. But for a student, we bet these will be handy for a situation at least once.