Online Platforms Offering Top-Tier Virtual Carrom Games


Carrom is the most popular tabletop game of all time. The top-tier game, with its exceptional features and interesting variations, is played by millions of individuals all around the globe. Enthusiasts of the board game enjoy it in both offline and online modes.

However, since indulging in carrom online offers more benefits than the orthodox offline version, most people prefer indulging in virtual carrom games. Thanks to the demand and popularity that online carrom games enjoy, numerous online platforms feature top-tier carrom games.

This article will shed light on some of the most prominent online platforms using which enthusiasts can play carrom games virtually. Let us begin:

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Play Real

Play Real ( is a highly renowned platform that offers enthusiasts the option to play the classic tabletop carrom game online without hassle. The robust online carrom game packs numerous attractive features, making it an exceptional iteration of the board game. For starters, the game features a seamless interface, making it easy for users through the in-game options and functionalities.

Besides this, the game features multiple variations, most of which are approved by the International Carrom Federation, making the game very interesting and fun for hardcore online carrom fans. Finally, coming to the graphics, the online carrom game on Play Real’s official application features simple yet elegant graphics paired with top-notch animations, making it a force to reckon with.

To get started with the game, individuals first need to download the platform’s official application on their smartphone. To do so, they need to navigate to the official website, enter their number, and click on the link received in the SMS to start the download process. Once the app is downloaded and installed, individuals can start indulging in virtual carrom matches.


Mobile Premier League or MPL ( is a highly renowned platform known for offering the best online games, including carrom. The online carrom game on MPL is filled with fun and exciting features. The game offers players a realistic and lifelike feel thanks to its naturally appealing design, flawless graphics, and picture-perfect animations.

Its multiplayer mode facilitates individuals to indulge in virtual carrom matches against other opponents. The online game features standard carrom rules, enhancing the game’s realistic feel. The game features easy-to-learn controls, which help players, especially beginners, to have an immersive experience.

To download carrom game online, all an individual needs to do is navigate to MPL’s website, enter their number to receive the download link, and download the app on their smartphone. Once the app has been installed, individuals can find the online carrom game and get started with virtual carrom matches.

Dangal Games

Dangal Games is a popular online gaming platform that features tons of games, which include a top-tier online carrom game as well. The popular online game is very popular among virtual carrom enthusiasts for numerous reasons. Firstly, it allows players to indulge in intense matches against anonymous opponents, which facilitates them to level up and enhance their online gaming skills.

Secondly, the gameplay is very smooth and seamless, which significantly enhances players’ experience. Moreover, players also get the option to participate in tournaments and get exciting rewards by winning matches. The game also allows players to win real money by defeating opponents in matches.

The online carrom game featured on Dangal Games’ official application is a solid option interested individuals looking for a top-tier carrom game can consider playing. To get started, they simply need to download the platform’s official app and find the online carrom game.


There are certain carrom enthusiasts who wish to indulge in a simple online carrom game that packs in all of the classic game’s features. The online carrom game on Lagged ( is one such game. The popular online platform houses many other games, out of which an absolute fan-favorite is the virtual carrom game.

The game features simple graphics along with realistic animations, making players feel like they are playing carrom in real life. In the game, players get the option to match against random opponents or create a private room where they can play matches with their friends or acquaintances. Despite being simple, the game retains all the features of the classic carrom game, making it the #1 choice of many carrom lovers.

In addition to being fun and interesting, the online carrom game is also very accessible. To play the game, all an interested individual needs to do is navigate to the platform’s website, search for the game, and tap or click on the “Play” button to get started.


Another prominent online platform that offers carrom enthusiasts to enjoy the game in the virtual mode is Agame ( The online carrom game featured on the platform packs all the features an online carrom lover could ask for. The game’s appealing gameplay, along with the easy-to-master controls, are what make it very popular.

The primary objective of players in the online carrom game featured on Agame is scoring more points than the opponent. The animations of the game feel very realistic and appealing to players. Moreover, the multiplayer mode adds to its credibility.

To get started with the top-tier online carrom game, all an individual needs to do is navigate to the Agame’s official website, search for the game, and press the “PLAY” button to begin.

Besides being fun and interesting, indulging in online iterations of carrom facilitate players to enhance their hand-eye coordination and increase their cognitive capabilities. Hence, individuals are advised to play online carrom games frequently.