8 Best YouTube Shorts Video Editor Apps For Android and iOS Of 2023


After Instagram reels and TikTok took over the realm of Social Media, Youtube has also become a part of the same race with its reel-like feature, Shorts, which works just as similar as them. They have become the new source of entertainment for people, with a quick 30-40 second video. Shorts have become so popular recently, even more than YouTube videos, that famous personalities have also started using them to gain more fame.

But of course, one cannot be a pro at it without editing a video and making it all quirky and attention-worthy. To do so, one requires an editing app that can do the job and is handy for the user.

List of Top 8 YouTube Shorts Editors

1. VN - Video editor or shorts maker

vn video editor

VN is that very professional video editing software you might have been looking for, for a long time. But needless to worry, because your search ends here. From adding music to animations to transitions and speed adjustments, VN allows you to do almost everything at no cost.

One can edit texts with different font styles, effects and even sizes. It allows you to insert keyframe animations and has several animation templates already as a preset to get the work done in a finger snap, while all you have to do is insert video clips or images.


  • Several Images and Videos

  • Draft saving automatically

  • Filter adjustments

  • Nine preset transition modes

  • Keyframe animations

  • Picture in picture mode

  • Adjustable Export settings

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2. KineMaster - Your go-to app for Youtube


This application is a common name around us or on the play store, often. It is because this app allows you everything on the phone that you would require a laptop for.

The user-friendly interface gives you access to features like colour correction, reversing videos, trim and split videos, etc. Therefore, it is one of the best shorts maker apps.


  • Various Aspect Ratios

  • Allows publishing straight to Youtube

  • Available on both iOS and Android

  • Various sound effects

  • Allows voice over

  • Colour correction

  • Trim, split and cut features

  • Limited Free access

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3. Quik


One cannot dislike an application like Quik since it offers almost all the features one expects from video editing software. The best part about the app is that it is free for basic editing, and only a few advanced features require a paid version. The free version brings a library of 18 music tracks and 25 filters.

It also saves the drafts of your videos on its cloud server for free so that you can resume later if you wish to. Such a feature is hardly available on a few apps.


  • 25 filters

  • 18 audios

  • Multi-speed videos

  • Limited free access

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4. Filmora - For beginners and professionals


A user said, “Ease of use is the best feature of Filmora”, and we felt it. For a beginner, it is all about dragging and dropping the files, with too many functions available to edit the video. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll realise it’s much easier to use with just the basic editing features for any Youtube creator. All you have to do is upload your files, insert music tracks, apply some transition effects, and export the video in the desired format, and you are good to go.


  • Limited free access

  • Easy to use

  • Several audio and video formats

  • HD quality video export

  • Watermark limitation

  • Add or extract music

  • Direct publishing to Youtube

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5. Adobe Premiere Rush


After Photoshop and Illustrator, no wonder Adobe has an app for video editing. Adobe Premiere Rush is an application that has come from the creative giant, Adobe, and has every bit of features that one requires for Video Editing and is very straightforward. It is a beginner-level editing app for social media managers and vloggers with some basic and quick edits.

Since the app comes from Adobe CC, it is undoubtedly one of the bests.


  • Royalty-free soundtracks

  • Limited storage

  • Several editing effects

  • Limited free access

  • Built-in camera

  • Multi-track timeline

  • Available templates

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6. InShot


InShot is a priority when listing the best editing apps for Youtube. Not just for YouTube, it is also available for other purposes like Instagram and TikTok. It is the intuitive interface of the app that makes it so popular. Everything, from features to control, is accurately located and is easy to find.

There is no limit on the number of edits that you can make. It not only focuses on videos but also allows to edit photos and form collages.

With the editing features, you can do some basic editing like adding background music, applying filters, trimming and crop videos and changing the aspect ratio according to the desired platform.


  • Easy to use

  • Limited Free access

  • Own music library

  • Several filters

  • Watermark Limitations

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7. CapCut


CapCut, an application by Bytedance, the TikTok owner, is a great application for smartphones user to edit videos. It brings cutting-edge technology at a glance that any other app can. Anyone, from beginners to professionals, can use this app since it is most suitable for editing up to 15 minutes of a video.

To make videos like on TikTok, you must give the shortcut option of CapCut a chance, as it imports videos and makes suggestions about templates and adjustments you can make.

Therefore, it has one of the best basic editing features for free.


  • Keyframe animation

  • Caption generation

  • Effects, overlays and transitions

  • Neat UI/UX

  • Supports 60 fps of frame rate only

  • 3D zoom

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8. Final Cut Pro X - Shorts Maker for MacOS


At last, we want to add a bonus video editor that is not Android or iOS compatible but it is worth adding here. Final Cut Pro X is like a superpower at your fingertips - it is a relatively easy-to-learn application with the power and professionalism to edit videos and related content. But unfortunately, the app is limited to Apple users only, with pricing being another downhill.

To focus on its features, it offers a dam of transition effects, a bank of text and colour tools, and more than 100 audio effects to pick from. It has a lot of presents and custom video effects, and the Magnetic timeline will leave you mesmerised, as it can stick videos and audio perfectly, with just proper zoom-in and the addition of the clip.

The pricing can burn holes in the pocket, but it also brings a 90-day free trial to get their hands on it and decide whether it is worth the investment.


  • Object Tracker

  • Cinematic Mode

  • Unrivalled Pro Performance

  • Extreme Speed

  • Intuitive design and accelerates post-production

  • Multicam

  • Duplicate detection

  • Advance colour grading

  • HDR on Apple display

  • Raw flexibility

  • 360 Degree editing

  • 90-day free trial



Uploading a new video or short is always exciting for a Youtube content creator, and they need the best app to do so. So, this was all about the video editing apps that might best fit your requirement. To conclude, One can use any of the above apps and make a basic edit with free versions. Then what is holding you here? Go, download the best one, and edit the next Youtube Shorts you wish to upload.