How to Change Your Mouse Pointer in Windows 10/11


From changing the wallpaper to organizing folders and fromtweaking the user interface to exploring personalization features, we all love customization and this is what creates excitement and keeps us engaged in our desktop work.

The mouse cursor helps us to select and highlight things on the desktop and it’s what we mostly see on our screen so changing its appearance can give a new user experience. There are different software and websites that offer tons of customized mouse pointers but our Windows OS has various customizing options for cursors. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how you can easily customize your Windows PC mouse cursor.

Note: These steps are the same for both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

How to Customise or Change Mouse Pointer in Windows

  1. Click on the Windows icon which is present at the bottom right corner, then go to the Search bar and type Control Panel. Now open the Control Panel app.
    control panel

  2. Make sure that the View by is set to Large icons, andif not then click on Category at the top right side in Control Panel and select Large icons.
    view by

  3. Next, click on Mouse to open Mouse Properties.mouse settings

  4. Under the Mouse Properties, go to the Pointers section. There aretwo ways to change your mouse pointer, i.e. through Scheme and through Customise.
    pointers menu

  5. Changing mouse pointer through Scheme:

    1. Under Scheme, select any of the schemes from the drop-down menu, then click on OK and you’re done. The new scheme will be applied instantly and your mousepointer will be changed.
      changing cursor scheme

  6. Changing mouse pointer through manual customization:

    1. Under Customise, select the type of pointer you want to change, and then click on Browse.
      customise cursor icon

    2. Now choose a new cursor you wish to replace with a previously selected pointer, then click on Open. You can see the overview of your chosen cursor in Preview.
      open custom cursor

    3. Repeat the same process to change the appearance of other types of pointers.
      customize other cursors

  7. After you’re done with customization, save your newly createdscheme. To do so, click on Save As then name your customized cursor scheme and click OK. Then click OK in the Mouse Properties window and you’re done with changing your mouse pointer manually as well as creating your custom cursor scheme.
    new cursor scheme

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