How to Clear Pending Instagram Requests on Phone


Instagram has been the world’s most popular social media app for the past few years and it continues to expand its features and introduce new things. We all are familiar with Instagram as we watch reels, upload stories, and post pictures.We follow different pages and others people’s accounts to expandour reach and increase our followers, but there have been situations where our follow requests went into a pending state and the other person hadn’t responded to it.

Now withdrawing your pending follow request is not an easy task on Instagram if you don’t know the usernames. But we have tried to make it simpler. In this article, we shall discuss the proper steps of how you can access your Instagram account data and clear your pending follow requests.

How to Clear Pending Instagram Requests on Phone:

1. Log in to your Instagram account through your web browser.

log in to instagram

2. After successful login,navigate to your profile.

navigate to profile

3. Go to Settings.

instagram settings

4. Under the settings menu, click on Privacy and security.

privacy & security settings

5. Scroll down and tap on Request download under the Data download section.

data download request

6. Make sure your email is correct, then click Next.

confirming email

7. Enter your Instagram account password and then click onRequest Download.

confirming password

8. You will get a confirmation of the Download request like this.

download request confirmation

9. Now open your Gmail app.

opening gmail app

10. You’ll receive an email from Instagram within a few minutes. Open that mail.

opening the mail

11. Now click on Download information.

download the information

12. You’ll be redirected to your Instagram login page again in the browser. So enter your email and password one more time.

log in to instagram

13. After successful login, you will see the option to Download Information, so click on it and your download will start.

start downloading

14. Once you’ve downloaded the zip file, extract it. (You can use RAR, ZArchiver, or any other file extractor app).

extracting zip file

15. Now open the folder and navigate to thefollowers_and_following folder.

navigating extracted folder

16. Under thefollowers_and_following folder, open thepending_follow_requests.htmlfile using an HTML viewer.

opening html file

17. After opening it, you’ll be able to see the list of Instagram account usernames to which your follow request is still pending. The HTML link of each account will help you toland onthat account page directly via the app, and you can easily un-send your follow request. If the links don’t work, you will have to manually enter the names and withdraw your follow requests.

pending follow requests

18. Clear 15-20 pending follow requests on a daily basis and you’re done with the process.

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