How to Hide WhatsApp Chats on Android and iPhone


WhatsApp is one of the greatest and most used messaging apps worldwide with over 5 billion downloads from just Google Play Store. This Meta-owned app has a pleasant user interface with end-to-end encryption, video call, voice call, and many other features.

We use WhatsApp for our daily conversations with friends and family and all our private and personal chats get stored in it. Many users like privacy and don’t want their private chats to be seen by others. Although WhatsApp doesn’t have a chat lock or chat hiding feature, there are ways to secure your chats. In this article, we have distinctly explained3 simple waysto hide WhatsApp chats on Android and iPhone.

How to Hide WhatsApp Chats using Chat Archive

The archiving method works on both Android and iOS devices. It does not lock your chat but it moves your chat from the main chat list to the archive list. So these archive chats will not be visible in the normal way. You have to go to the archive section if you want to check the archive chats.

  1. Open the WhatsApp app on your Android device or iPhone.

  2. Press and hold to select the chats you want to archive, then click on the Archive icon at the top right side of the screen.

  3. Your chats will be transferred to the Archived section of WhatsApp. However, if you get any new message or call from those archived chats, then they will get unarchived. So to make your chats stay archived permanently, follow the next steps.
    archive WhatsApp chats

  4. If you want your chats to stay archived even after receiving a new message, then you have to enable this option from settings.

  5. So to enable it, the first step is to click on the three dots icon at the top right corner to access the side menu and select Settings.

  6. In the Settings menu, click on Chats andenable the option that says Keep chats archived.
    permanently archived

How to hide WhatsApp chat Using Fingerprint Lock

The fingerprint security comes with Android natively. So you don’t need to install any third-party apps. But the main con of this method is that It is not available on iOS devices because iOS smartphones do not support fingerprint security.

  1. To use this feature you should have fingerprint lock enabled from your phone’s settings. Now open the WhatsApp app and click on the three dots icon at the top right corner to access the side menu and goto Settings > Privacy.
    privacy menu

  2. Under Privacy settings, scroll to the bottom and click on Fingerprint lock.

  3. Try enabling the Unlock with fingerprint option. The app will ask you to confirm your fingerprint.

  4. After inserting your fingerprint, the fingerprint lock feature will be enabled. You can customize the timing of auto lock and visibility of content in notifications.
    setup fingerprint lock

How to Hide WhatsApp Chat Using Third-Party Apps

Nowadays, most Android and iPhone devices come with an inbuilt app locker and app hiding feature. However, if your phone doesn’t have it or if you want touse a specific app to lock or hide your WhatsApp, then you can go for third-party apps.

One great benefit of these apps is that along with their sole purpose, they also offer various other features and customization options. But it’s important to note that you download such apps from a trusted source to prevent any malware risk. We have listed below some nice third-party app lockers for both Android and iPhone that you can use.

  1. HideU for Android

  2. AppLock Pro for Android

  3. LockID for iOS

  4. Vault for iOS

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