Android vs iPhone : Which is better?

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Android vs iPhone is one of those controversial topics which can have never ended discussions. Everyone has their own opinion about it and can certainly disagree with what we're about to talk next.


Android exclusive applications which are not available on iPhone

top-things Shreya Patoa

Android exclusive applications, that will make your iPhone user friends jealous. Sure the iPhone has a golden status, minus these best and unique apps!


Apple animoji now for your Android Phone! - DroidTechKnow

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The apple's Memoji is the latest integration of augmented reality (AR) into the real world. Apple animoji is for everyone- even if you use an Android device!


WhatsApp backup - How To Backup WhatsApp Chats on iCloud using iPhone

how-to Bidisha Saha

WhatsApp backup is an easy and uncomplicated way by which you can secure all your WhatsApp chats and media on iCloud using your iPhone. Click here to see.


iPhone SE Is Here! The Cheapest iPhone - A Budget iPhone | DroidTechKnow

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iPhone SE is here! The cheapest iPhone - A budget iPhone. Surprising Apple enthusiasts around the globe, here's what we know about this new device.