How To Order Food Online In Indian Railways From Restaurants At Your Seat


Indian Railways has always been one of the most preferred modes of transportation for traveling long distances due to its affordable prices and vast network expanse connecting every major city and town of India. Train journeys have always been one of the most memorable journeys of our childhood. It offers scenic beauty, long talks with family and friends, getting to know other travelers, etc. However, in between these things, accessing hygienic food has always been a major problem for the Indian railways. But now, times have changed.

As we have gone digital, the Indian Railways catering services have also started delivering food on the train directly to the seats of the passengers making it easy for travelers to access good food without stepping down from the train. They have partnered with many popular restaurants to deliver food on trains. In this article, we have made a complete guide on how you can order food online from Indian Railways and get it delivered directly to your train seat.

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How to Order Food Online In Train From Restaurants

  1. To order food online on an Indian train, you need to download the IRCTC Rail Connect app on your phone.

  2. Once you have downloaded the app, open the application and log in with your phone number.
    irctc login

  3. Now, at the top right side, click on the Order Food In Train option.

  4. You get three ways to search for restaurants i.e. through train, station, and PNR number. Since the latter one is most suitable, enter your PNR number in the second box and click on Submit.

  5. Now you will see the number of stations in your journey with their respective number of restaurants available. So, select your preferred train station from where you want to receive your order.
    choose delivery station

  6. You will see the list of all the available restaurants on the selected train station. So click on your preferred food restaurant.

  7. Click on ADD to add the food items you wish to order.

  8. Select any customization if available and then click on ADD TO CART.
    choose restaurant and foods

  9. After finalising your food order, click on the CHECKOUT option.

  10. Now you can add additional details like special instructions, your alternative mobile number, and coupon code if you have any, and then click on SCHEDULE.

  11. Check your personal details and then click on PROCEED.
    add delivery details

  12. Now complete your order by paying the amount. You will get various mediums to pay online like UPI, Wallet, Paytm, Cards, etc. However, you can also go with the Cash on delivery option.

  13. After successfully placing your order, you can check its status. To do so, click on Order Food In Train from the IRCTC RAIL CONNECT homepage then go to your Account tab.
    go to irctc account tab

  14. In your Account tab, click on ORDERS and select the order you’ve placed.

  15. Here, you can see your order status and delivery details.see order status and delivery details

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