How to Install Ubuntu Alongside Windows 10/8/7

Jan 06, 2018 4914 Gulfam install ubuntu alongside windows

This article is about to install the UBUNTU alongside with preinstalled Windows operating system. So If you are very irritated with pop-ups and viruses then you have to install the UBUNTU operating system alongside with windows OS to make your system free from viruses. Ubuntu is an open source operating system so you can use it without paying any money. While Windows operating system is a paid one, Microsoft is the owner of Windows.

So here are the steps to follow to install UBUNTU alongside with windows. Read each and every step very carefully before doing. For better understanding, we also added the screenshots of every step so that everyone can understand quickly.

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Steps To Follow To Install Ubuntu Alongside Windows 7/8/10

Create backup of your Operating System

Before installing UBUNTU in your system, take backup of your preinstalled OS. This step can save your system if there will some errors occur while installing UBUNTU. You can rollback your previous version of Operating System if you have Backup image of it. So its recommended that please create backup of your system before proceeding any steps. For creating backup you can use system tool or you can choose third party software. There are various tools available in market to create backup of your system but i recommended to use Macrium reflect. It is available in free version for making system image.

Shrink your windows partition to create space on your hard drive

Now its turn to make some space on your hard drive so that you can install UBUNTU operating system in it. So for creating space on your hard drive you need to shrink your windows partition. For shrinking your hard drive just click on start button and type diskmgmt.msc and press enter. Now disk management setting is open which contains all your drives. Now right click on drive which you want to shrink and click on shrink volume.

install ubuntu

Now There are some processing on hard drive to calculating the available free space that the windows can shrink and automatically set that default amount of space that you can shrink.

install ubuntu

Now you can select the default space size or you can change it according to your usage.

Note: You have to make atleast 20 gigabytes free space for installing the UBUNTU OS.

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Create a bootable USB drive or use UBUNTU DVD

For installing UBUNTU operating system you need DVD for that OS or create a bootable USB for the same. So for creating USB drive you first need to download the ISO image of UBUNTU from its Official Website and a tool that creates bootable USB drive. There are various tools available in market for creating bootable USB drive but my favorite is Universal USB Installer.

Boot your system into live version of UBUNTU and run Installer

Live version of UBUNTU means you have run your system with UBUNTU OS without installing it into hard drive. There are following steps to boot your system into live version of UBUNTU.

  1. Restart your system with Bootable USB drive or UBUNTU OS DVD

  2. While booting just press the function keys(F10 or F12) to enter boot menu option. The functions keys are different for different systems

  3. Now choose the option Boot from USB

  4. After selecting boot from USB a menu will shown which contains some option just select Try Ubuntu. After some time you will be in live version of UBUNTU

After entering into live version of UBUNTU you have to just click on Install UBUNTU to start the installation process.

install ubuntu 

Next, You will see another screen of some options. Leave both options from Preparing to Install Ubuntu unchecked and click on  Continue button.

install ubuntu

Select type of Installation

Now its time to choose the installation type whether you want to install Ubuntu alongside with windows or something else.

There are mainly three options available:

  • Install Ubuntu Alongside Windows 7/8/10

  • Erase Disk And Install Ubuntu

  • Something Else

From above options you can choose Install Ubuntu Alongside Windows if you dont require any personalized partition scheme. This option will take care of all partition steps. But for custom layout scheme you have to check Something else option and click on Continue button.

install ubuntu

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Partition your hard drive

Now its time make partitions for your hard drive to install UBUNTU. Here we are creating all of three partitions (home, root and swap). But home and swap partition is optional you can create only root partition if you want. But creating home and swap partition is a good idea.

install ubuntu

Firstly create root partition, for creating root partition just select the free space and click on + icon. A pop up appears which contains the partition setting configure all settings as below and click on apply.

  1. Size should be atleast 15000 MB

  2. Type for the new partition Logical

  3. Location for the new partition Beginning

  4. Use as EXT4 journaling file system

  5. Mount point /

install ubuntu

The Second partition should be swap partition. Swap partition is used when your system have limited amount of RAM. So to create this partition just follow above steps with below configuration settings.

  1. Size: Double the size of your RAM

  2. Type for the new partition Logical

  3. Location for the new partition Beginning

  4. Use as Swap Area

Now create the home partition by using same steps with below configuration settings.

  1. Size Remaining space

  2. Type for the new partition Primary

  3. Location for the new partition Beginning

  4. Use as EXT4 journaling file system

  5. Mount point /home

install ubuntu

After making all partition just click on install Now button to start the installation process. A pop up appears that confirm your choice just click continue to start installation process.

install ubuntu

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Choose your timezone, Keyboard layout and create root user

Choose your timezone according to your country where you live and select your keyboard layout language.

install ubuntu

Next you can set root account by filling required information like name, root password and click on continue button.

install ubuntu

Complete the installation

This is the final step for installation of ubuntu with windows in your system. It copies all files into your system during this process thats why it takes lots of time to complete.

install ubuntu

When the process is finished then you will asked by system to restart. Just click on restart and remove DVD or USB drive from your system. Now your machine has two operating systems. Enjoy the UBUNTU alongside with Windows Operating System.

If you know more detail view then watch this video

Best of luck...