Android vs iPhone : Which is better?

Jan 06, 2018 3533 Komal Rangoonwala android vs iphone

Android vs iPhone is one of those controversial topics which can have never ended discussions. Everyone has their own opinion about it and can certainly disagree with what we're about to talk next. Companies manufacturing devices with Android as its OS provides a very wide range of devices from low to high costs. Now let's compare and see which device is better.

Android vs iPhone: Which is better?

1. Cost

Android vs iPhone

You can find lots of options buying Android device based on their prices. You can find a cheap Android device and an expensive Android device as well. Their functionality, durability, feel, all vary depending on what kind of model you buy.

While in case of iPhone, most of them are quite expensive. Even if you buy the cheapest iPhone model you will get quite good features and functionality on an Android device at half the price. If you are on a budget buy, then iPhone is not for you.

Winner: Android

2. Customization

You can customize an Android device to the highest extent possible. You can go to the core of the OS. And, since Android is open source, you can root your device and change the source code. You can do lots of cool and extreme stuff after rooting your device. You can install a custom ROM, use apps made especially for rooted devices and make your device truly yours. Check out this link to see why you should root your device. And click here to see how to root your Android device.

While on the other hand, jailbreaking an iPhone doesn't really do more than allowing you to install 3rd party apps. iPhone lets you customize your icons, lock screen etc. without jailbreaking but it can turn out to be quite complicated. And you can do so easily using apps after you jailbreak your device. But then again all these functionalities are basic in Android and you don't even need to root your device.

Winner: Android

3. Camera quality

Android vs iPhone

Well, you can come to a final verdict on camera quality if you compare specific models. Studies show that when you compare the finest Android and Apple smartphones like Pixel 2 XL and iPhone X, results are so close that it's really hard to differentiate. But generally, iPhone provides pretty good camera quality in all of its models. While this is not the case in Android smartphones. Android smartphones provide cheaper camera quality comparatively, except some high quality, expensive Android smartphones.

Winner: iPhone

4. File system

Android vs iPhone

It's very easy to copy files from your Android smartphone to laptop or computer. You have to just plug the cable into the computer and copy the files. And same goes when you want to copy files from computer to your Android smartphone. You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to working and transferring files to and from Android smartphone.

Well, it's not that easy for iPhone users. In order to copy files from iPhone to PC and vice versa you have to take help of storage called iCloud and iTunes, and sometimes 3rd party apps. Such functionality is not very open on iPhone. You need to connect to your iCloud and iTunes account to copy or sync files.

Winner: Android

5. Buttons

Almost all Android smartphones come with 3 basic button functionalities, Home button, Back button and Menu button. They can be hardware buttons and software buttons as well. These buttons make the task easy and user-friendly.

But you only have one hardware button in iPhone, the Home button. There is an assistive touch button that stays on the screen at all times when enabled which can be quite annoying sometimes as it comes in the way. But then again you can always disable it.

Winner: Android

6. Apps

Android vs iPhone

Android holds the highest market share for the OS to be installed on most devices. Although iPhone takes the win when it comes to selling most devices with iOS. But Android being open source and highly customizable, it has tons of apps to provide to its users, which is not the case in iPhones. Google play store provides a hefty 2.8 million apps while Apple App store provides around 2.2 million apps.

Winner: Android

7. Storage

Android vs iPhone

Almost all of the Android smartphones come with an expandable internal storage which is not the case in iPhones. You are provided with fixed internal storage. Although, some companies provide various solutions to this like external cases that expand the storage. But that just puts up more weight and makes the phone bulky.

Winner: Android

8. Downloading songs

Android vs iPhone

In Android smartphones, you can download any kind of mp3 or mp4 you find on the web. Just press the download button or click the link and save it. It is that easy.

Whereas that is not the case in iPhones. You can only download music from iTunes or you can transfer it or copy it from elsewhere. But you cannot directly download it from the web.

Winner: Android

9. Battery

Android vs iPhone

In case if something happens to the battery of your Android device, you can easily change/replace it. You can just open the back case and replace the battery.

While in case of iPhone, it comes with an integrated embedded battery which is not removable. Well, actually you can remove it using right tools, but you are not supposed to do so as it will void the warranty. So if something were to happen to your iPhone battery, you can either get support from Apple store, get a tech person to fix it or try a DIY(if there's no option left!).

Winner: Android

And talking about the lifetime of the battery of any device, it depends on model, maintenance, and your usage, whether it be Android or iPhone.

10. AI assistant

Android vs iPhone

Android smartphones come with Google assistant which is extremely smart and does lots of cool things like opening the lock screen through voice, opening apps through voice, suggest vacation spots and what not!

Well, there are some things that Siri, Apple's AI on iPhone, can do that Google assistant can't. But then again, there are other things Google assistant can do that Siri can't. This discussion can go on for a while so why don't you guys check out these two links to have a better look at who can do what:

Why is Google better than Siri?

And why Siri is better than Google?

Winner: It's a tie.

11. Security

Android vs iPhone

In terms of security, we have to give it to iPhone because studies show that comparatively, Android smartphones are more susceptible to malware and virus. Even the head of Google agrees to this. Due to Android's open approach, most of the malware is targeted for Android. And as already mentioned above, Apple strictly controls which apps are installed on the iPhone, hence it is less susceptible to virus and malware. And moreover security of Android also depends on hardware and it's manufacturer. Android is provided by lots of manufacturers around the world in form of various models. So all these manufacturers can have their own hardware and software security configurations. And in case of iPhone, there's only one sole manufacturer, Apple. Hence, no one else can decide it's internal configuration and security approaches.

Winner: iPhone

12. Making presentations,fliers and documents

These days we all need to make a presentation now and then, create reports and documents.Apps like "Pages" and "Keynote" are inbuilt in iPhones. "Pages" lets you make fliers, reports, CV, documents, etc. And "Keynote" on the other hand lets you create presentations. These features come in handy whether you are a student, professor or business person.

But unfortunately, not all Android smartphones come with these features. It depends on the device manufacturer. But then again, you can always download an app for that and you have to.

Winner: iPhone

On a final note, I would say that both of the devices and OSes are good in their own ways. It all depends on your usage and requirements. If you want elegance and that standard feel then you should definitely try iPhone. But note that even some standard Android smartphone manufacturers give an equivalent elegance and feel. Although if you are more of an exploring kind of soul and like to experiment with various models and devices, then Android is definitely for that wild heart!