Password Manager


How to View, Find, Remove and Save Passwords in Google Chrome

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Here is a complete tutorial on how to save, remove, and view saved passwords in the Google Chrome browser. Google Chrome comes with a built-in password manager that keeps all your passwords in Google Chrome safe and secure.


1Password alternative: 10 Best Password Managers for 2021

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Looking for 1Password alternatives? Here is a list of the 10 best password managers that can use as 1Password alternatives to safely store your passwords.


Few Easy Steps That Will Make Your PC Protected From all Data Threats

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Nowadays, there is no absolute security and no one can guarantee you 100% security of your computer and data, but by following the protection guidelines, you can significantly increase the level of security of your computer and protect yourself from the loss of valuable data.


10 Best Password Manager Extensions For Chrome

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A complete list of the 10 best Password manager extensions for Google Chrome. These Password managers provides the most advanced AES encryption technology to secure your data.