Remote Access Your Computer using Chrome Remote Desktop App

June 06, 2017 4130 Gulfam Remote access using Chrome

Need to access another computer remotely? Here is a technique to access any computer remotely from their Computer or mobile devices using Chrome Remote Desktop App. Chrome Remote Desktop is an application which is used to access another computer screen remotely securely. The Chrome Remote Desktop app is fully cross-platform means the App is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android devices.

For accessing another Desktop screen, both the Device(Desktop and Mobile) installed the Chrome Remote Desktop App.  Let's start the process...

Setup Chrome Remote Desktop App for Computer

  1. Firstly open the Chrome browser on your computer and click on App icon(left-top corner).Remote access using Chrome

  2. Now you will see list of icons just click on web store to enter in "Chrome Web Store"Remote access using Chrome

  3. Here search for Chrome Remote Desktop App and add it to the browser. Remote access using Chrome

  4. After adding Chrome Remote Desktop App in your browser you will see an icon added to the list of chrome application list. Now just open the Chrome Remote Desktop App.Remote access using Chrome

  5. Now Chrome Remote Desktop app is opened just click on Get Started.Remote access using Chrome

  6. After clicking on Get Started you will next screen. In next screen just click on Enable Remote Connection to allow access for remote connection.Remote access using Chrome

  7. Now the system will ask to install a software for working of Chrome Remote App. Just click on yes to install the required software.

  8. The final touch is to set the six-digit password for the secure connection. That's it Now your desktop will be able to access through other desktop or mobile device.Remote access using Chrome

So accessing the remote connection you need to install Chrome Remote Desktop App on your mobile or Desktop also.

Setup Chrome Remote Desktop App for Mobile

  1. Firstly install the Chrome Remote Desktop app on your Android device from play store.Remote access using Chrome

  2. Now open the App you will see a list of Computer which you want to enable the remote connection.Remote access using Chrome

  3. Now click on a PC you want to make a remote connection by entering a six-digit password. After entering the six-digit correct password you will see your desktop screen on your mobile device.Remote access using Chrome

That it guys enjoy the remote connection to your desktop from everywhere. So if your Desktop speaker is not working well then your mobile speaker by using this application. It remotely shows your desktop screen as well the audio of your desktop.

For more details watch out below video