10 Best Grammarly Alternatives You Should Try For Error Free Writing


Grammarly is the most popular and widely used tool to correct grammar mistakes while writing. It highlights all the errors like missing full stop, incorrect spelling, incorrect syntax etc and provide suggestions for correction. The Grammarly uses artificial intelligence algorithms to find the mistakes in your writing and assist you to write correct English without any mistakes.

Whether you’re a student writing assignments or content writer typing his next blog, grammar errors can make any good article a headache to read. Grammarly is the best tool for writing correct English but it does not fit to all writers. So depending on your needs, you might require some tools that even Grammarly can’t provide.

We have combined a list of top 10 best Grammarly alternatives, so you never have to compromise with your writing. The list includes free as well as paid tools. Whether it’s grammar, typos, plagiarism or sentence structure, you can use these tools or software to check and correct them easily.

List of 10 best Grammarly Alternatives

1. ProWritingAid

If you’re looking for affordable pricing for a Grammarly alternative, you should definitely check this out. ProWritingAid offers the most features out of any manuscript editing software. It points out grammar, readability and plagiarism related issues, including some unique features like cliches, sentence length, and diction correction too. It also integrates with MS word/outlook, google docs, scrivener, open office, and final draft so you can edit wherever you write. Plus the browser extension allows you to proofread for sites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Wattpad and more.


  • 20 In-Depth Writing Reports: The editing tool highlights all the mistakes like vague wording, sentence length variation, repetitiveness, passive voice, over-dependence on adverbs, and so much more in the report.

  • Learn your writing style

  • Provide thesaurus to find the correct word

  • Supported on all plateforms including Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Medium, and more.

  • Provide data visulisation in the Dashboard

Pricing: The monthly subscription costs $20, there’s also a lifetime subscription offer for $299 that includes all future updates.

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2. Ginger

Ginger is a best alternative to grammarly that comes with free translation tool inbuilt. The free version of Ginger provide support of 40 languages for translation. For editing content online, you can add the extension to Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browsers. Ginger is very customizable as you maintain a personal catalogue of terminology that you don’t want the tool to flag. You can also use emojis and set a custom theme for your keyboard.


  • Translates your text with 60 different languages free along with grammar correction

  • Provide customise theme for your own keyboard

  • Word prediction while writing

  • Support all platform like Windows, Chrome, Safari, iOS, Mac, and Android

Pricing: There’s a free version available, the yearly premium plan costs $4.99 /month

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3. Hemingway App

If you want a text editor more focused on readability than this one is the best grammarly alternative for you. It improves your writing by highlighting adverbs, passive voices, and complicated and long sentences. You can share your write up with Hemingway’s highlights attached too. It also has a one-click integration feature to publish your content directly on WordPress and Medium. Out of all the Grammarly alternatives on our list, this is the only one to operate without an internet connection too.


  • Work even without internet connection

  • Publish your content to Wordpress or Medium with just a single click

  • Provide you the HTML code of your text so if you are working with websites then its very easy to export the HTML file.

  • Share your content with friends Hemingway’s highlights

Pricing: The web version is free, but to download the app, you need to pay $19.99.

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4. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is an advanced tool that helps not only in fixing your writing mistakes but also in improving your knowledge. It highlights errors and provides alternatives to it. You can correct your content by using its grammar checker, spell-checker, style checker, punctuation checker, and a translator. All of which are supported by natural language processing technology and artificial intelligence making it a must on our alternatives for Grammarly list.


  • Uses Natural Language Processing Technology and Artificial Intelligence to find grammar errors.

  • It support around 55 languages

  • Built in plagiarism tool

  • They rebuild their UI to increase productivity.

Pricing: The chrome extension is available at $4.16 per month.

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5. Slick Write

Slick Write like many other free alternatives to Grammarly checks for grammar errors, potential stylistic mistakes in your content. It also highlights repetitive sentences and words, passive voice, adverbs, etc. One of its unique features is that when you select a word, a popup appears of its meaning and synonyms and associate words. No software download or installation is required to use this alternative to Grammarly.


  • Free alternative to grammarly

  • Light-weight and fast tool

  • Provide you the readability check

Pricing: Free of cost.

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6. SentenceCheckup

SentenceCheckup is an online grammar and spelling checker tool. Its intense checking feature not only checks your grammatical error but also corrects the sentence structure. It looks for inaccurate and repetitive words in the article and relapses them with best results. It quickly does the job of editor and makes your essay more readable and easy to understand and innovative and a best free alternative to Grammarly.


  • It checks the structure of your sentences.

  • The tool is completely free to use with no hidden price.

Pricing: Free of costs.

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7. Reverso

The next free alternative to Grammarly is Reverso, it’s best grammarly alternative if you need to translate text too. It offers translation in more than 14 different languages, including French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic etc. The online reading provides translations for compound words, phrases and idioms too. Other than it does a grammar and readability check that would help you in improving your overall text.


  • Support translation of text.

  • The tool is completely free to use with no hidden price.

  • Having very comprehensive library for grammer syntax checking

Pricing: Offers one free plan for up to 2500 words

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8. PaperRater

PaperRater offers plagiarism grammar, spelling, and action checker. It has strong proofreading software that can stop little mistakes that are easily missed and overlooked. The writing suggestions are the most accurate and personalized out of all manuscript editing software on our alternative to Grammarly list. PaperRater offers ad-free results.


  • Built-in Plagiarism check

  • Powered by AI to check the grammatical errors.

  • Provide a rough score to your writing.

Pricing: Free basic plan with a premium plan costing $71.55 per year.

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9. Jetpack

This is a WordPress plugin, that means it proofreads your work as you type it on WordPress. One of its unique features is “30-day backup feature” that archives text for future use. The colour-coded highlighting makes it easy to stop error and fix it further. It also includes a custom image gallery feature to upload pictures on WordPress and customize your posts. So if you are a blogger then this Wordpress plugin is the best alternative to grammarly.


  • Jetpack back up your data in every 30 days for future use.

  • Colour-coded highlighting schema to identify the errors very easily

  • Having custom image gallery support.

Pricing: There are three paid plans priced at $3.50, $9, and $29 per month, respectively.

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10. Scribendi

Scribendi is another popular free Grammarly alternative, especially among students. It has a rigorous proofreading service. The whole process is manual as real, human experts edit and correct your article, which gives you not only a better document but helps you in learning how to improve your writing. Scribendi can be operated for business or corporate as well as academic work.


  • An IOS certified tool

  • Best proofreading tool for Students

Pricing: Correct up to 10,000 words every 24 hours for free.

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